Communication by: Forged Chaos


by Ildefonse

This book contains information regarding in-game and out-of-game communication between players.


Will we have a mini-map?

No. Like instant travel, we consider mini-maps a convenience that distracts from the challenges ToA is meant to offer. How can you ever get lost when you have a mini-map? Shouldn't the idea of getting/being lost be a possible adventure in itself? Also, without a mini-map, we open up a whole new industry - guides.

Players with deep knowledge of an area could guide others safely.

You will be able to view a world map at any time that shows settlement locations. In order to find your position on the world map, you'll need to carry the right navigation equipment with you such as a sextant or compass.

Source: Official FAQ, 15-09-2012

How do I communicate with other players?

Get close enough to their character so they can hear you when you whisper, talk or shout. There will be no global chat in ToA.

Source: Official FAQ, 15-09-2012

Will you try to block 3rd party communication programs?

Technologically, trying to prevent people from communicating in a game and adhering to in-game chat only just for the immersion is almost as hard as finding funding for indie game development.

Source: Forums (Varl), 01-10-2012

Will you still have the naming system where you don't see another character's actual name, but instead can name them whatever you want to call them?


Source: Forums (Varl), 18-10-2012

Will each race have their own language? Are languages skills?

Yea, each race will have their own language. Each language will be its own skill.

Also, don't forget NPCs might not know multiple languages. What if half your human NPC guards don't speak arrwic and your PC captain happens to be an arrwic that doesn't speak human?

Source: Forums (Brax), 19-10-2012

So is the only way to find out someone's true name by interrogation or magic?

You can also acquire it through a real devious and ancient method seldom employed in today's MMOs: by talking to them. ;)

Source: Forums (Varl), 18-11-2012

Does this mean that a highly skilled Interrogator is really an information broker and will more than likely not have the skills to use the information they get?

Actually, if you think about it, a highly skilled interrogator is kinda like an in-game hacker. He acquires information that he probably shouldn't be able to get, but can, and uses it however he wishes ("to hack sites or to help fight against hackers", to extend the analogy).

Source: Forums (Varl), 12-12-2012

About multiple languages

It would also require unprecedented cooperation between the players and the players. With no global chat implemented, that would help somewhat to curb the people interested in disrupting communications between people attempting communication with foreign languages, but how hard is it for you to imagine the grand social language experiment we'd attempt to implement in TOA being "griefed" locally? Sure, you could just kill them if they're being an language-interrupting asshat, but the damage is done, and in theory, they could continue to do so 99 more times. I'm just saying. You know how people can be; if there's something in a game they discover, they try 7 ways to Sunday to try and break it, disrupt it or otherwise make fools of themselves because they think it's fun.

I was referring to a hypothetical multiple language system in game. You know the players whose seemingly sole mission in (gaming) life is to cause as much grief to others as they can rather than simply enjoy the game for what it is and let players that enjoy different play styles be. Every game has them. And by this form of griefing, I mean the intentional spamming of chat channels (for those games that have these), local conversations or simply wherever they can with garbage to disrupt whatever it is players might try to communicate to one another via a language system. The habitual, repetitive, respawn griefer in other words.

Sorry if this sounds horribly pessimistic of my fellow gamers, but after decades of seeing just how bad the other half can't behave, I'm cautiously guarded against implementing systems that encourage those gamers to have a vitriolic verbal field day at the expense of similarly paying customers that just want to have a conversation/interaction with fellow elves in Elvish, for example. ;)


I had a long post describing what I meant, but nevermind. I just realized that an ignore feature implemented would put an end to anyone intentionally spamming local (i.e., within a certain radius of your conversation with others) players. So, I'm all for implementing multiple languages if it's feasible and practical to do so. Whether or not it eventually gets in the game? We'll see.

Source: Forums (Varl), 21-12-2012

On having an ignore button in the game

Ignore button? Ignore button?!



Source: Forums (Brax), 22-12-2012

Will races have their own language? Will there be regional languages?

Races will have their own languages. We will not have regional languages within a race.

Source: Forums (Brax), 26-12-2012

Will all characters in game have their name above their heads? What are your plans regarding character identity?

I don't want to get into the user interface of it, but we're not going to have floating names. For the most part you're going to have to mouse over someone to see who they are, unless they're very close to you. It is kind of implied that if someone is close to you and you've already named them, that their name will potentially come up. Obviously, that's limited by line of sight, so if somebody is behind a tree, you're not going to see their name.

Source: Podcast (Brax), 14-01-2013

How will you connect with friends without global chat if they're not in the same area?

In a word, you won't. That's why we say, if you've got friends, make sure you all live in the same settlement. Make sure you all are based form the same area within the settlement. A tavern, a bar, a house. Absolutely no global chat.

Out of game, it doesn't matter to use. Log in to your Teamspeak or Ventrillo server, chat away all you want.

Source: Podcast (Brax), 14-01-2013

With no global chat, if one boss happens to be exceptionally difficult it will be hard to find a party for it.

This shouldn't be a problem since we will NOT have static spawns and when you run into a "boss" to fight you won't have time to worry about what party you are with since these guys will either be part of a random dungeon "instances" or a cute little GM event designed to keep you on your toes! ;)

Source: Forums (Loestri), 18-01-2013

Will there be a global chat?

There will be no global chat. Period. End of story.

Source: Forums (Brax), 09-02-2013

The End