Quests & Events by: Forged Chaos


by Ildefonse

This book details the concepts of dynamic quests and GM/player run events.


Will there be quests?

ToA will not include static quests (such as an NPC who stands by the road and pays infinite amounts of cash for every ear you bring him). Events will certainly occur, but these will be handled individually by our interactive GM team, and except in unusual cases will not be repeatable. A few of these events may have permanent consequences for TerVarus, while most will have only temporary, local, or individual impact.

Source: Official FAQ, 15-09-2012

Will there be dungeons?

Yes but not the kind you're used to. Our interactive GM team will build, place and remove dungeons throughout TerVarus on an ongoing basis.
Imagine, one day as you're crawling over a ruin that you've been to multiple times you might notice a trap door that wasn't there before. Inside you find a cave filled with goblins. You fight your way to the end and grab a chest full of goodies. A few days later you and a friend return to the cave and find more goblins along with a few orcs inside. You clear the cave and are looting the corpses when the cave walls begins to rumble. You and your friend barely make it out as the trap door collapses behind you, sealing the cave forever.

Those are the kinds of dynamically spawned dungeons you can expect in ToA.

Source: Official FAQ, 15-09-2012

What are GM spawn markers?

Game master spawn markers is a tool that will enable GMs to place dynamic spawn points anywhere within the world. These spawn points, while invisible to the players, will have a host of parameters that can be set such as what it spawns, how often, the radius in which it can spawn, escalation (once 10 goblins have spawned, spawn an orc), terminators (if orc cheiftain is killed, destroy the spawn marker), lifespan (spawn creatures for 7 days, then destroy the spawn marker) and countless other options.

The result: a spawn layer above the biome spawns that will make the world feel truly dynamic.

Source: Official FAQ, 15-09-2012

How will world expansion work?

World expansion will be, like all other features, done organically. I envision you logging in to the game one day and a small patch is downloaded with no information on what it entailed. Eventually we leak it in game (through the interactive GM team) that there is new lands to be discovered. We've added a new landmass to the west of the current map but we don't tell you that. We let you guys and gals find it on your own.

Source: Forums (Brax), 15-09-2012

On daily quests

Brax: A little off-topic but the fact that MMOs are using 'dailies' to keep you entertained should say it all about this industry. :(

Varl: Well, to be fair boss, we'll have "dailies" in our game as well. They just won't be something we hardcode. They'll be something each player decides they enjoy doing or attempting on a daily basis. I've done plenty of "dailies" in other MMOs I've played because they're fun, and they have nothing to do with blue question marks ;)

Brax: Key difference..

Source: Forums (Brax & Varl), 18-09-2012

Will there be GM's creating events for players?

This is going to be one my many hats. There will be no wandering GMs looking for things to do, not if I have anything to say about it. Of course, we won't be having events transpire every minute, as that would be impossible, but I'm hoping to have them just rare enough to be memorable for those participating, yet common enough to not make the player base overall wonder if we're still doing them.

Loestri adds: Oh we will make them memorable alright! **rubs hands together and snickers evily**

Source: Forums (Varl), 20-09-2012

About having multiple realms/servers

Imagine if WoW's 250+ servers all allowed each one's individual player base to form their own unique stories, events and player-driven content on the levels we know ToA will allow. Would you still want the Lich King, Deathwing and Pandaria as core storylines behind each and every one of those 250+ realms? Would you care if the Lich King was permakilled on Realm 1, yet rose to such power on Realm 2 that he and his minions devastate the player population on a daily basis? I'm curious, because that's similar to what I have in mind for what could happen across the various realms of TerVarus.

Basically, I'm asking whether you prefer permanent, recurring NPCs as part of the backstory of an MMO, and then wondering how you might care if those same NPCs permadied, dominated or any other number of possible outcomes for any particular server.

Source: Forums (Varl), 01-12-2012

Is there going to be good PvE centered around a story or is it going to be primarily focused on PvP?

We'll have lore, yes. As for PvP vs. PvE, it could be a healthy mix of both, I imagine. I think it really all depends on all of you how much PvP is experienced cross server. PvE will always be there as it is in most games. The fun exploratory nature of people demands it. I think it's impossible to stop one particular type of play though, even PvP, because there will always be people out there interested in being the thief, mugger, killer and highwayman. Could it be severely curtailed on any particular server? I suppose it could, IF the vast majority of players on that server agree to form a hivemind and decide to try and make it happen on a world level (again, for the most part; you won't be able to convince everyone...).

Could we have total war zone servers where anarchy reins and murder/war is commonplace? Of course. Those of you that truly enjoy the blood and mayhem that results from carnage and destruction can also try and sway the server in that particular direction. I imagine only the truly thick-skinned will be back for more on those types of worlds.

We'll see. :D

Source: Forums (Varl), 01-01-2013

Are terrain altering GM events a possibility?

Terrain deformation real time is a big unknown at the moment, but I'm doubting it. Why? I don't think terrain can be set up to behave like that, but hopefully our programmers may prove me wrong.

BTW, thank you all for making this thread. Your ideas will help a lot and go into MY personal GM vault, and even if some never get used, they will be useful for inspiration and imagination.

Source: Forums (Varl), 07-01-2013

On GM or player organized tournaments

Alatain: "Hell, I would personally like to see this done by the players. You could have a tournament that is held by the high king between several vassal states. It could have a joust (mechanics permitting) or at least a melee. The winner would be proclaimed highest knight or some such and get privileges in the kingdom. All without the gms needing to lift a finger."

Now you're talking! The more you guys can think up to self-entertain will ultimately make our jobs here that much easier, which will allow us to focus even closer upon GM-specific events to make them as fun and original as possible.

Source: Forums (Varl), 07-01-2013

Will the power given to GM's be restricted and/or controlled?

I can tell you that we will have a strict in-house policy in place, sort of like the Prime Directive, that says employees had better not abuse the power we're giving ourselves (that sounds really weird) or they'll quickly find they've lost possibly the best job they could have ever dreamed of getting. It's one thing to be heading up an FC sanctioned event, but entirely something else if an employee gets a wild hair and abuses his responsibilities.

Source: Forums (Varl), 07-01-2013

With no global chat, if one boss happens to be exceptionally difficult it will be hard to find a party for it.

This shouldn't be a problem since we will NOT have static spawns and when you run into a "boss" to fight you won't have time to worry about what party you are with since these guys will either be part of a random dungeon "instances" or a cute little GM event designed to keep you on your toes! ;)

Source: Forums (Loestri), 18-01-2013

Will GMs be part time employees? Or full time?

Depends on how many we can dynamically spawn. ;)

Source: Forums (Brax), 11-03-2013

About contracts

We're aiming for a contract system that will be robust enough to allow for player-given quests in a sense. Maybe farmer Fred is having a problem with giant rats on his farm, so he posts a contract offering 2 silver nuggets for each rat killed within X proximity to his farm. Or politician Phil needs an escort to the next settlement. He posts a contract offering 2 gold nuggets to a person that can escort him there with no loss of his life counters.

Source: Forums (Brax), 15-03-2013

How will GM's gauge the difficulty of events?

Is there a concern that our GMs will wipe out all of the PCs? (insert evil laugh here)

Actually, this is a good question because we are more interested in trying to keep our events both entertaining and challenging at the same time. We have a wide variety of events that we can throw at you so some will be more difficult than others but it will be unlikely that we will run anything that is "insurmountable" to the players....but you just never know now do ya? ;)

Source: Forums (Loestri), 15-03-2013

About GM events

Just a quick note on the GM events. The events are there to enhance game play and not to cause heartburn for players. If the GM event is to place a spawn marker that produces wolves in the area of a settlement it will be to provide the settlement with a situation to deal with. If the settlement does nothing then the spawn marker may continue to spawn wolves until they begin to become a problem for players leaving/entering the settlement. It would be up to the player to complain to the settlement lord and notify him/her of the situation or take matters into their own hands if they feel they can. In this example you will notice the absence of malice towards the settlement or any particular citizen/player, but rather a situation that either the players or the settlement lord can deal with as they see fit. (Side Note: In this example the max spawn number for the wolf pack would probably be set depending upon the settlement size and it's ability to deal with the situation. It will be up to Varl to scout these things before assigning the GM event.) Again this is just an example of what I would deem a "typical" GM event. If fortune favors you and you are randomly or purposefully selected for a "special" GM event it will likely be more tailored to your situation/ability to deal with the event.

As far as the "Sure they can say that they won't abuse their powers, will have strict rules, and a no tolerance policy." goes, we are aware of the repercussions of GM abuse and they will be dealt with as fairly as we can for both the players and GM(s) involved. If it happens that the GMs were following the instructions of their superiors and the event went wrong for some unexpected reason, then we will decide the proper course of action based on an individual basis which may include removing the event from the queue until it can be revised. Beyond this I can only say that you will have to trust that the FC management will handle the situation properly.

Source: Forums (Loestri), 27-03-2013

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