Characters & Races by: Forged Chaos


by Ildefonse

This book contains information regarding the characters you can create in Trials of Ascension as well as the races that will be available.


Can we expect races to be a high priority once the game has launched?

Without a doubt. In fact, we're hoping to include an extra race(s) if we exceed our KickStarter goal.

Source: Forums (Brax), 14-09-2012

On cutting the extra races for initial launch

Revv: "I think this is a hard but wise decision, making an MMO would already be a huge task, but making it with all old ToA promised just seems impossible without tens of millions. Just look at how much cost any big MMO of today, and look at how races are just new skins with modified stats whereas races inToA would imply totally new gameplay.

Thank you Brax for focusing on something doable  We're all supporting you and Forged Chaos on this."

I want to add a few things to what you said here Revv because I believe you are spot on with what you said. Yes, it was a difficult decision to launch ToA with just humans. The risk of promising all of those wonderful, fascinating races from the past having to cut them from launch was HUGE in my opinion. We just didn't know how you would feel about such a bold decision. It makes my heart happy that is has been taken so well.

The second thing I want to say is that it irritates me in one of the worst ways ever that companies that make MMOs rip off you, the game consumers, to introduce new "expansions" and charge you the rediculous prices for those expansions. I mean, come on people!! What are you thinking about? Do you not want your players to enjoy the content of the game? Why on earth would you charge them extra for it? What are you doing with their monthly subscriptions?? Does it really cost $100 Million a month to develop new content and maintain the game???! ** Takes a deep breath to calm down **

This is why we feel we can be successful with a KickStarter project is because all we are after is enough funds to build the core game and get the game to market. After it goes live we will build our block point releases and schedules based upon how much money your monthly subscriptions bring in. Then we will implement the content slowly and organically without disrupting the game (if possible) so that you can discover the content on your own without some big fan fare and a new box on the shelves to buy. This is how it should be done and this is how we are going to do it.

Source: Forums (Loestri), 14-09-2012

Can I block someone's movement?

Yes. You will not be able to 'pass through' other characters and NPCs.

Source: Official FAQ, 15-09-2012

What is perma-death?

When your character dies, it must make its way back to the land of the living. The journey back to life greatly taxes your character's soul. Sooner or later your character's soul is too weak to make the journey, instead deciding to leave the world of TerVarus forever.

Perma-death is a core feature of ToA that has rippling effects into just about every other feature of the game. It impacts how one will approach combat. It heightens the sense of danger when adventuring. It makes combat, or even just the threat of combat, more visceral knowing you could be the one one step closer to the end of your character's life.

Source: Official FAQ, 15-09-2012

What happens when my character dies a normal death?

Your character's corpse is free for others to loot. Granted, looting is against the law in settlements so those doing so within its borders will be committing a crime.
When your character dies, its life counters will be reduced by one and a one minute timer will begin. Your character cannot resurrect until this timer ends. You can however move around in a spirit form as far and as much as you want. You will be limited as to what you can see while in spirit form. When the one minute timer ends, a resurrect button will appear and you can resurrect your character anytime after that by clicking said button.

Source: Official FAQ, 15-09-2012

When my character perma-dies, does anything that that character did affect my next character?

No. Each character starts with a clean slate and no one will be given any automatic indication that the new character is connected to the old one.

Source: Official FAQ, 15-09-2012

What races will be in ToA?

For initial launch, the only race will be humans. The reason, again, is project scope. Post launch, we'll be working very hard to introduce new races as fast as revenue will allow.

We're making it a point to put in multiple stretch goals in our Kickstarter campaign for some of the other races.

Source: Official FAQ, 15-09-2012

What choices can I make during character creation?

You'll be able to adjust your character's facial appearance using hair style/color, skin color and adjusters for various aspects like nose width, mouth size, eye size, etc.

You'll be able to adjust, within certain limits, the base stats given to your character based on his/her race within.

Source: Official FAQ, 15-09-2012

Where does my character start?

During character creation, you'll can pick any settlement in the world currently accepting new citizens as your starting location. You'll also be able to pick the monolith as well.

Source: Official FAQ, 15-09-2012

Does my character have any needs that must be met?

Your character will need food and water to survive. Going without either will weaken your character to the point where he won't even have the stamina to move, making him a very easy target.

The conditions under which a character is operating will also affect these needs. A character that's in a hot area will tend to require more water, for example.

Source: Official FAQ, 15-09-2012

Will my character have reputation standings with others?

Yes and we will stress that you ignore your reputation with others at your own peril.

If you commit enough crimes against a settlement, your reputation will proceed you and you'll be met by angry citizens, both PC and NPC, that are free to exact justice on you. If this happens to be in the settlement that you're a citizen of, expect to get escorted to the edge of town in a not so friendly fashion to begin your time in exile.

Your shopkeeper will certainly remember when you forget to pay him his wages by not bartering so hard for the best prices or conveniently forgetting some inventory a customer might be looking for. Mistreat him enough and he'll quit working for you, possibly taking a few things with him for compensation.

Own a settlement? Watch how you tax your citizenry. Not only will the PC citizens be upset, your guards may start responding to problems a little slower or outright leave to go to work for your adversaries. Keep running your settlement's guards to their deaths? Don't expect many replacements when they abandon their post.
Yes, your reputation with other PC, NPCs and settlements will be crucial, sometimes to your very survival.

Source: Official FAQ, 15-09-2012

Is the skill system class based?

ToA does not have a class system. Character development is skill-based, which means that any character can develop any combination of skills that they see fit.

Source: Official FAQ, 15-09-2012

Can we push people out of the way?

You'll be able to push someone (no physics involved at this point) if you move 'against them' long enough.

Source: Forums (Brax), 18-09-2012

Is there going to be a skill cap or limit to how many skills we can learn?

Each skill will have a hard-coded cap. The skill system allows rate of gain based on two main algorithms: the amount of skill you have in the skill you're attempting to gain in and the amount of overall skill you have. You'll never hit a stone wall in being able to gain (other than above mentioned hard-coded cap per skill) but your rate of gain will slow dramatically as you spread yourself out over numerous skills.

Source: Forums (Brax), 18-09-2012

Actually we're reevaluating the penalty for diversifying for some of the reasons you just hit on.

Source: Forums (Brax), 28-01-2013

Will it be possible to play "lone wolf" type of characters?

The lone wolf is one of the character models I'm looking forward to playing the most. I know I'll die a lot, to players as well as monsters, but I'll also get in my fair share of kills too. I'll have to if I expect to survive and thrive. You can be assured most players will run several crash test dummy characters to get a strong feel for the game before they commit to a "real" character.

Source: Forums (Varl), 28-09-2012

I'd be very curious to hear you guys describe what you see as an ideal ToA player, an imaginary person that the game would be just about perfect for?

Considering the sheer magnitude of possibilities this question provides, I'll start with myself. Okay, so I'm not imaginary (at least, I don't think I am), but I think the ideal TOA player would be me. Why? I'm a hunter/gatherer/explorer by nature, I've always loved that role, and TOA will offer plenty of that. Seeing how I'm not much of a risk-taker, adrenalin junkie or PvPer, but seeing how I've decided anyway to place myself in this world of uncompromising and non-consentual combat, I'll stick to the trees and underbrush, thank you very much.

I can see myself being quite the resource hound and tradesman type of player, if I live long enough. And when I do end up feeling a bit frisky (yes, it does happen, when I'm tired of being killed by players and monsters alike), I'll jump into my Raknar and go slaughter as many of you as I can find that made my lowly miner/smith's life hell. It's all part of the wheel, you know? A little bit comes in, and then a little goes out.

I don't foresee myself being too much of a politician or settlement ruler at first, but I do see characters of mine being firmly ensconced in the settlements I choose to call home.

From a generalist viewpoint, the perfect TOA player will be the player that enjoys all kinds of combat (pvp and pve), learning a mysterious magic system, exploring the myriad of idiosyncrasies each playable race will provide, owning real estate, discovering your first innovation (!) and having to decide on whether to keep it or share it with the world, the cooperative nature of some of our skill systems where players have to work together to create or overcome things (imagine that!), exploration, and the building of communities of players. Basically, the things you've always wanted in an MMO are the things we want too. That's our TOA player.

Source: Forums (Varl), 02-10-2012

Will you have a smaller list of more fleshed out races, or a larger list of more specialized races, or will the race list be rethought all over again?

We'll probably do a rework of the race list but with heavy influence from the list we had.

Source: Forums (Brax), 11-10-2012

How will new races be introduced?

We're not completely sure yet on how we'll introduce them as they aren't really innovations we can inject via the normal innovation system we plan on using, but I'm sure we'll come up with something witty. Do you have any thoughts on this?

Varl replied: "Heh. Have you forgotten last week's (or was it the weekend before?) discussion regarding some of the methods we discussed for introduction of races, boss? He's been quite busy the past few days. We forgive him.

Let me just say some of the methods we discussed were methods were not sure the general gaming population is ready for from a physiological viewpoint. And no, not like that either, sickos. :P"

Source: Forums (Brax), 11-10-2012

How do you envisage the lives of Player Killers?

The hunter often becomes the hunted. I anticipate the lives of the would-be PK will be so much harder and shorter than the town or group player due to the ravages of the wild slowly taking its toll on the character, much less the losses doled out by other players. If you choose for your character to be an outlaw or a murderer, it's not going to be an easy life by any means, but that's why I think it'd be so much fun. Those characters you do raise to a fearsome status by the number of player kills you've inflicted will definitely have earned that fear and loathing (on the boards and in the game) that comes with hearing or seeing the character's name.

Source: Forums (Varl), 13-10-2012

About race perks and crafting for different races

Should we introduce human-like races such as elves and dwarves, we'll give them a perk or two based on their race but we won't go crazy with it by any stretch. Instead it will be handled organically. How? For one, races won't be able to swap clothing and armor. A human won't be able to hand his chain leggings to a dwarf and have it fit him. This alone will require settlements that want to house multiple races to support their armor and clothing requirements. Add different dietary needs that must be met and this only further discourages (organically) settlements from becoming melting pots of races. We won't stop them, but it'll cost ya if you do it.

Your blacksmith will have to build both sets of armor, meaning he'll have to make and stock more inventory. In a human only settlement, he could make sure he has one set of male chain and one set of female chain for sale at any time and be good to go. If dwarves start to be commonplace in the settlement, now he has to stock those armor sets as well. Later on, elves show up and .... you get the idea.

Add to that, armor, like most items, won't be "click click create" making it taxing to keep up with a broader demand.

Source: Forums (Brax), 18-10-2012

No race will be allowed to wear any piece of armor of any other race, no matter how close in build they may be.

Source: Forums (Brax), 16-05-2013

Will you still have the naming system where you don't see another character's actual name, but instead can name them whatever you want to call them?


Source: Forums (Varl), 18-10-2012

Will each race have their own language? Are languages skills?

Yea, each race will have their own language. Each language will be its own skill.

Also, don't forget NPCs might not know multiple languages. What if half your human NPC guards don't speak arrwic and your PC captain happens to be an arrwic that doesn't speak human?

Source: Forums (Brax), 19-10-2012

Can we choose the race of our guards and other employable NPCs? Would we be able to train them, or have a skill requirement when hiring?

Yes, yes, and sort of.  Of course choosing the race option will only be available when there is more than one race.

Source: Forums (Brax), 20-10-2012

How will Arrwics differ from the other races?

Once they make it into the game, they'll be much more than merely humans in lionid skins. I'll give you a few possible examples: stealth/stalking ability, leaping ability, acute sense of smell, acute eyesight, ferocity, rideable as a mount, acute hearing, fear/hatred of all types of canines, fear of open water, and perhaps fear of crowded places, just to name a few.

Source: Forums (Varl), 21-10-2012

Will specific races also have specific drawbacks?

I'd like to see every playable race have a drawback or two, yes. So many games hype up all the perks, buffs and bennies of a species, but they seldom look at downsides and the effects of those that help define a species.

Source: Forums (Varl), 22-10-2012

Could fear be implemented in the game?

Character fear is easy to code. It's conditional. If the fearful condition is met, the character doesn't perform as well as it otherwise would. It could also be possible to show an icon of a fearful face or whatever whenever your character is afraid, letting you the player know when those penalties are in effect. An Arrwic encountering canines, for example, could show the emoticon for as long as the Arrwic character is engaging the dogs, showing that he's deathly afraid of these things, yet can still act, fight back and defend himself. I highly doubt it'll ever be paralyzing fear. That's too restrictive.

Source: Forums (Varl), 22-10-2012

Will jumping in rivers have any consequences on your character?

Rivers will push your character based on its size and speed. Every race will have a natural bouyancy, even negative for some races. Your character's weight will impact bouyancy so, the heavier you are, the faster you will sink. Your character's temperature will be tracked and jumping into an icy sea will definitely result in consequences to your character!

Source: (Brax), 23-11-2012

Will environment temperature have an effect on characters?

We'll be tracking your character's body temperature and he/she will be impacted when exposed to temperatures outside his/her comfort zone.

Source: (Brax), 23-11-2012

Will movement speed and falling distances be realistic?

We will limit movement speeds based on how encumbered you are and possibly what terrain you're on. I say possibly because it can get tricky to implement right without it eating up precious resource cycles. As for falling - our aim is to make falling distances a bit more realistic. With the risk of perma-death though, I think (and hope) people will be far more cautious when it comes to jumping off things.

Source: (Brax), 23-11-2012

Do we need to eat/drink to stay alive? Do we have to keep warm/cool?

Without food and water your character will die. As your character's food or water levels deplete, he will begin to suffer stat atrophy. If either his food or water levels become completely depleted, he will die.

Temperature is also a factor. When your temperature moves beyond what your character deems comfortable, he will start to suffer. Continue in such conditions without addressing your character's needs and he will die. So, don't go running around the desert in plate armor or the arctic in nothing but your boxers.

Source: Forums (Brax), 28-11-2012

Will it be possible to acclimate people to specific climates?

No plans for that at this time but its a good idea. I don't see it being that hard to implement either but I don't want to scope creep our current launch plans. I'll be sure to put it on the post-launch idea list.

Source: Forums (Brax), 28-11-2012

In what conditions will characters revive? Will they be weaker, or at full strength?

Full strength.

Source: Forums (Brax), 28-11-2012

What determines your hitpoints? Can this amount be raised?

Certain attributes will determine your hit points. You'll be able to fudge those attributes up or down a bit during character creation. Beyond that, it'll be a rarity that you'll be able to permanently raise any of your attributes, which in turn raises other things, like hit points. For example, if you start with 60 hit points, I'd be shocked if you were ever able to raise it beyond 65.

Source: Forums (Brax), 29-11-2012

Can you be identified as a bad guy when someone doesn't know you?

Yes, you can be identified as a "bad guy" if you do enough bad things, whether the viewer knows your name or not.

Source: Forums (Brax), 05-12-2012

At some point, you have to use your main character, or it is not your main.

That pretty much sums it up right there.
Makes you wonder if perma-death will kill the idea of a "main"?

Source: Forums (Brax), 22-12-2012

Will races have their own language? Will there be regional languages?

Races will have their own languages. We will not have regional languages within a race.

Source: Forums (Brax), 26-12-2012

Will characters get tired?

Yes, there will be fatigue.

Source: Forums (Brax), 27-12-2012

Is movement speed affected by how much you carry?

Your encumbrance will affect your movement speed. The different types of armor will affect your encumbrance accordingly. There are other factors that will impact your stamina drain and recovery but that's for another time.

Source: Forums (Brax), 28-12-2012

Does walking/running drain stamina? Will there be a sprint option?

Walking doesn't drain stamina, although it will slow down or prevent the recovery of it. Running will tax stamina. Depending on how things work out, there might be a sprint which would only be useful for very short distances (say 100 meters or less) and would be extremely taxing on stamina.

Source: Forums (Brax), 28-12-2012

How is stamina determined?

Technically, stamina is not a stat, but a derivative of multiple stats.

Source: Forums (Brax), 28-12-2012

Will there be any visual clues as to the strength of creatures roaming about?

We'll cross that bridge when we get to it, but suffice it to say that since there is no conning the difficulty of an opponent or a creature in TOA, we've discussed several possible cues the races will have available to them that could alert them to possible danger. Raknar might even have their spidey senses tingle! :D

Source: Forums (Varl), 28-12-2012

Could we keep knocking each other unconscious to train the interrogation skill?

No, there will be no grinding of the interrogation skill. We've thought of that a long time ago and have methods to stop it dead in its tracks. All told, interrogation will be a skill that takes a very long time to build and only the masters will be able to extract sensitive info such as innovations from others. Even so, it's not a given that your mark will give up his/her info. Lots of things at play such as their fortitude, the interrogation method used, etc.

Source: Forums (Brax), 29-12-2012

What will Pixies have to fight? Will they get weapons and armor as well?

Pixies will fight more than just humans. They'll combat other pixies (that are just as squishy), creatures, etc. So, weapons/armor will be available to them (when their time comes).

Source: Forums (Brax), 30-12-2012

Will I be able to play a white knight kind of class?

There are no classes, but this is a playstyle I can relate to. I've always had a soft spot for victims too, and love the feeling of taking out predatory types in a 'how's that feel to be the victim for a change' kind of way, especially those cocky arrogant predatory types that think they've grown so powerful they can't be touched (and in most poorly designed games, they can't!). Mmmmm, yummy. Victim justice I guess is something that attracts me, and I also feel it is a necessary game design and natural counterbalance to killers and thugs.

Source: Forums (Varl), 01-01-2013

Will character aging be implemented?

About the best aging feature I would hope for at launch is maybe an age slider at character creation. Even so, it won't be high priority and may very well fall to the post-launch wishlist.

Source: Forums (Brax), 03-01-2013

Will food spoil or will it have an infinite shelf life?

It will spoil.

Source: Forums (Brax), 04-01-2013

Would your character be wearing armor appropriate to what he/she is doing? Wouldn't make much sense for the builder to wear plate while trying to maneuver around.

Well, encumbrance impacts stamina drain and plate armor is quite encumbering. I'll let you figure out the rest.

Source: Forums (Brax), 06-01-2013

If players are the only guards, then now there's the factor of, "Does this person have a life, or do they like standing outside of a cave all day doing jack squat?"

Standing guard doesn't necessarily have to mean only at the mouth of the tunnel. Being a guard to protect friends and/or employers and be the first line of defense (as well as being an early warning system for the employers when someone or something attacks) would be very nice to have when your plying your trade skills. Having them stationed within proximity of you to be an effective shield and give enough time to the employer to respond and fire back aiding his guards could mean the difference between losing a LC and not. If the pay was good enough, it might be worth it.

Source: Forums (Varl), 06-01-2013

Why does everyone keep insisting on Raknar being monsters?! They're civilized!

Are they? Where does it say that?

Source: Forums (Brax), 12-01-2013

Will our characters start out empty handed or with some tools/weapons?

Although it hasn't been finalized, we are leaning towards allowing each character to begin [with a] weapon and a tool of their choice when they start.

Source: Forums (Loestri), 13-01-2013

How will the inventory function?

The inventory is going to be pretty straightforward, the typical one square per item sort of thing. But we will only give you so many squares and everyting will have a weight, so you will basically be dealing with volume and weight at the same time.

Source: Podcast (Brax), 14-01-2013

Your inventory will account for weight and volume. How it's displayed is still up in the air. It'll either be a grid where every item takes up a square (WoW) or a sortable list (Oblivion).

Source: Forums (Brax), 09-02-2013

There will be both a weight and volume limit, probably represented by two bars within the inventory UI somewhere.

Source: Forums (Brax), 09-02-2013

Will your inventory be visible to the outdoor world or exposed to other players in any way?

If you mean that when you equip a backpack it will be shown to the world, the answer right now to that is no. But if you mean can other people see into your inventory, then yes, via skill.

Source: Podcast (Brax), 14-01-2013

Will your inventory influence your ability to sneak, run or jump?

Yes, through encumberance. Your encumberance will impact a lot of your actionable abilities.

Source: Podcast (Brax), 14-01-2013

Will all characters in game have their name above their heads? What are your plans regarding character identity?

I don't want to get into the user interface of it, but we're not going to have floating names. For the most part you're going to have to mouse over someone to see who they are, unless they're very close to you. It is kind of implied that if someone is close to you and you've already named them, that their name will potentially come up. Obviously, that's limited by line of sight, so if somebody is behind a tree, you're not going to see their name.

Source: Podcast (Brax), 14-01-2013

Are players required to name their characters when they create them?


Source: Podcast (Brax), 14-01-2013

Are names going to be unique?

Unique naming is not in the system, because everybody names each other, so there is no real need for a unique name. We won't be locking (used) names.

Source: Podcast (Brax), 14-01-2013

Will being a priest-like character with healing be possible?

Healing, yes. Priest, no. We've cut the religion system for launch, but we certainly want to bring that back at some point. But yes, you will be able to heal. Not through magics, it will be through salves and skill.

Source: Podcast (Brax), 14-01-2013

How will character recognition work with people that attack you? How will I be able to name someone if they knock me unconscious first?

This is a great question, frankly, because it's not 100% determine yet. But as of right now, you won't be able to name anybody when you're unconscious, because you really won't see anybody. We'll probably disable parts of the interface so that you can't name them. That doesn't mean they're not subject to reputation penalty, because that's a game mechanic that's going to happen regardless.Right now, you can't name someone when you're unconscious, but that could change.

Source: Podcast (Brax), 14-01-2013

What would be the level cap?

First of all, we don't have levels. We have skills. We're not going to tell you the number of the skill that you're on. We're completely anti min-maxer. You will be given a title, like "Apprentice", "Journeyman", "Expert", that sort of thing, and you'll have a progress bar under each title showing you how close you are to the next title. There is technically a cap for every skill, but again, we're not giving you the numbers, we're not going to tell you what that cap is. You'll know it when you reach that title. That said, good luck getting there. The cap is really high, and progression slows down a lot before you get there.

Source: Podcast (Brax), 14-01-2013

Will we have crouch and prone positions?

Yes, you will be able to crouch.

Source: Podcast (Brax), 14-01-2013

How will characters whose players have gone offline be handled? Will they stay in the world and wait? Or will they vanish?

The logout method is very simple actually. When you hit logout, you'll sit down and you won't be able to take any actions for a certain amount of time, say 15 to 30 seconds. If you do take any action or damage during that time, it will reset your timer.

You will not be able to initiate the logout sequence if you've been in combat within the last X number of minutes. So you can't run away from bandits, run around a tree and just log out. Or you can't just hit ALT-F4 and escape.

Source: Podcast (Brax), 14-01-2013

Is it possible not to be part of a settlement in any way?

Yes, you don't have to be a part of any settlement. You can wander from settlement to settlement like a caravaner, or if you don't want to be associated with anyone, you certainly can. You probably won't be able to own a house or land or anything like that, because that's all bound to citizenship, but do what you want.

Varl: You can go rogue if that's what you're into, or wander, explore, whatever you can imagine.

Source: Podcast (Brax), 14-01-2013

We probably won't see any new races until a year after launch.

"I don't know Mr. Frodo, we may yet see the Shire again..."
Samwise Gamgee

Never underestimate the power of the devs. Since you don't know our schedules it is difficult to make a statement like that with any validity. But keep your chin up because we have surprised ourselves with how quickly some of our features were designed, and even re-designed. So it may just be that we surprise you some day with a couple new playable races that you weren't expecting! :)

Actually Psi Kahn has a pretty good assessment of Hero in that it is a great tool for creating games such as ToA. Of course the amount of work that will go into each of the playable races will be more than just changing a few skins and adding a few animations. We are wanting to make each a culture in itself with possibly different items or at least item styles along with different architecture and language, etc. I guess what i am trying to say is that each race will be a significant time/resource commitment but because of certain similarities we may be able to re-use certain fundamental coding (think foundation) and hopefully shave some time off of development of each race.

Source: Forums (Loestri), 18-01-2013

Will cannibalism be possible?

Am I twisted to think I like the fact that our systems have caused all of you to think of cannibalism as a survival instinct in TOA? How many games can say THAT? No official decision has been made yet regarding cannibalism, but when it is, we'll let you know. Cmere Clarisse....closer...closer....

Source: Forums (Varl), 19-01-2013

Will there be much difference in hitpoints between new characters and veterans?

Your character will rarely gain hitpoints as it progresses (we've never mentioned this have we?) so, no, there will not be such a large difference in HP between a new and veteran character.

Source: Forums (Brax), 22-01-2013

Will Gryphons make it back into the game?

Fear not; I'm confident gryphons will be screeching back into TOA one day in the not to distant future. :)

Source: Forums (Varl), 23-01-2013

Will we be able to set our age at character creation?

We're hoping to have a few options at character creation for age ranges but I can't promise you it'll make it at this point.

Fornax: I hope there is a static age you pick at creation, and that's it.

That would be about as far as we would take it if we had the time to implement even that.

Source: Forums (Brax), 01-02-2013

Are we going to experience physical changes in a character based on how much, or how little, we eat? And will it affect game play, like larger people moving slower?

Larger people move slower?...Probably not...hungry people move slower...maybe! I think it may depend on the stamina drain they are experiencing from lack of food/drink. We will have to do some testing to figure out exactly what we want to happen and when. Good question though.

Source: Forums (Loestri), 01-02-2013

Are different foodstuffs going to give us different bonuses?

I don't believe there will be too many different advantages to different foods at launch. By eating food when you are hungry you will avoid certain penalties, but there won't be much in the case of "increased" health regeneration from foods. That being said there may be properties of specific foods to counter affects such as disease or poison but that probably won't be a factor until post launch of the game. Still so much to do yet and so little time!

Source: Forums (Loestri), 09-02-2013

About character models

When I viewed our character model for the first time it blew me away. I am very proud of the level of quality we're achieving given our budget. You too will get to lay eyes on the model - just not yet.

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Can we expect to see more human-like races to be added because they are easier to develop?

Human-like races are actually tougher to include because of their supporting assets. Things like clothing, armor, structures and interiors (styles of beds, tables, etc.) means we have to build a lot of assets if we are to give them their own culture and history. And if it hasn't been mentioned, races won't be able to wear the same clothing and armor. Elven plate will fit ... elves and elves only. Elastic armor and clothing hasn't been and won't be innovated in ToA.

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Sharwen.. I never understood that race. We have gnomes, dwarves and goblins, do we really need a 4th short race?

We'll make sure each species we put into the race lineup meets or exceeds our own expectations for fun, Sharwen included.

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Gryphon design changes

I'm probably letting the half-cat / half-bird out of the bag but gryphons will more than likely be much smaller than they were in the old design, meaning they can't be mounts for most races, if any at all.

Oh, and they will have to learn to fly.

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How large will Gryphons be?

Gryphon's size and look will be in the ballpark of a cheetah, serval, or a lynx. Right now I'm leaning towards the serval but nothing is set in stone (or they'd be gargoyles! nyuck nyuck!) at the moment.

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On Gryphons

I said "meaning they can't be mounts for most races, if any at all.". "Meaning" as in resulting from our changes they won't be mounts to most races. Being a mount had nothing to do with why we were considering the change. And just flipping the "mount" switch to 'No' for one race and allowing it for others (such as centaurs) would make no sense at all.

I'll tell you the two reasons we are considering the change.

1) We wanted to veer from the typical. I think the largest problem many are having is just that - ToA gryphons aren't what you think of when you typically think of gryphons - and they are using other lines of defend against this change such as small must somehow equal carebear. Ever fight a lynx or serval before? Ever fought one that flies?

2) Generally speaking flight is very over powered. No other option short of magic (which we all know how hard that is to be) can allow one to freely avoid all threats that land-based creatures must face. In fact, I will go so far as to say that I (I don't speak for Varl or Loestri with this) consider flight so OP that I've considered axing it many times and I'm still not 100% sold on the idea. Instead, for the time being, we will make flight hard to obtain. That means creatures that should naturally know how to fly, won't. They will have to learn how and the more dangerous they can be in the air, the harder and longer it will take them to fly.

Now, all that said, we are taking into consideration everything you all have said and will review the gryphon design at another time. They aren't slated for launch so we've got plenty of time to come up with something that you're sure to like. Just have faith. :)

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I thought I'd share a few more points we are 95% sure on at this time regarding the flying chicken/cat things.

1 - They will be bestial.
2 - They won't be able to craft.
3 - They cannot be a citizen of a settlement.
4 - They will be tolerated by NPCs but will take much greater rep hits for misdeeds.
5 - They can serve as mounts.
6 - They aren't slated for launch.
7 - They won't be squishy pushovers regardless of the size we decide on. They are birds/cats of prey after all.
8 - They have their own language but might be able to learn other languages. Still on the fence with this one.
9 - They will not cast magic.
10 - Riding an airborne mount will be its own skill for the rider. Fail your check, you fall off.

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Will there be nudity in ToA?

There won't be full nudity in ToA.

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Nudity is not going to happen in ToA. Nothing short of writing us a check for a couple million dollars will change that.

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Will male and female armor sets interchangeable?

There will be male and female sets of armor and they won't be interchangeable.

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We are allowing the same armor to fit both genders. The armor itself will be generic in nature (no bikini armor, large cod pieces, etc.) and will scale according to the model allowing it to fit properly. I know some will be disheartened by the lack of crafting diversity this might present. Take heart and keep the faith. We have some ideas that will allow even more diversity that will come post-launch. For example, we've always toyed with the idea of custom-fit armor and we're happy to see many others are interested as well. Roughly speaking, anyone could wear someones custom-fit armor but only the person it was made for would receive the benefit(s).

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About gender specific character attributes

This one has been a firestorm of a topic and as promised we discussed the concerns. While we've made small concessions to accommodate as many different views as possible, we're sticking with our original design that starts the genders of a race with different amounts of attributes. Let me describe the details of the system before you fire off that strongly-worded PM to me.

As we've already announced, your character will have the six attributes of strength (STR), fortitude (FOR), agility (AGI), intelligence (INT), vitality (VIT), and perception (PER). Since humans are our baseline race, each of those six attributes will start at, say, 50. With a small variance for each gender, we would be looking at something like:

NOTE: these are all hypothetical numbers.

Male Human
STR: 55
FOR: 50
AGI: 50
INT: 50
VIT: 50
PER: 50

Female Human
STR: 50
FOR: 50
AGI: 50
INT: 50
VIT: 55
PER: 50

You will be able to customize your character's attributes by taking from one stat and giving to another on an increasing take:give ratio. In other words, if you want to increase your agility by one point it will cost you one point of another attribute, to increase it by two will cost you three points in another attribute(s) and so on.

There will also be a limit for how high or low you can take an attribute during character creation. These caps will be identical for both genders. Humans for example might have a strength minimum of 25 and a maximum of 75.

Beyond character creation, you can expect your character to gain points in an attribute as they use associated skills. These gains will be few and far between and you should expect it to cap at roughly 10% of your starting attribute with a few exceptions here and there. Gender will have nothing to do with those exceptions by the way!

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Remember the numbers I presented are examples. You'll be allowed to make a decent amount of adjustments before you get penalized (a higher than 1:1 take:give ratio). Humans could inflate their strength by 10 points before the ratio would go beyond a 1:1. For example, this is possible:

STR: 65
FOR: 48
AGI: 48
INT: 44
VIT: 50
PER: 50

But if you wanted to bump strength to 66 it would cost you a total of 2 points from any of your other attribute(s). I.E.:

STR: 66

FOR: 46
AGI: 48
INT: 44
VIT: 50
PER: 50

Again, just sample numbers here.

Yes, the cap for each stat will be the same for both genders. I.E. human strength would cap at 75 for both males and females.

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Will our attributes be displayed as numbers?

Most of you already know we like to stay away from showing numbers and this could very well turn into the same thing. Right now I'm imagining sliders where you slide one, say strength, and the others adjust up or down based on how many points were just given or taken behind the scenes.

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If the attribute differences between genders are so small, why bother with them at all?

Addressing the "if these differences are so small why worry about it?" statements that have been made here and in the other thread of which we shall not name.... It might be small and inconsequential in a single battle between two characters, but in the grand scheme of your character's life, that tiny fraction of a point might well save your life a time or two because you were just able to regain enough stamina to get away or was able to pull off an additional point of damage at the right time. Now you consider this for each of the (tens of) thousands of players playing and it makes a difference to the world as a whole.

Bruxail said it best... if we test it and see that it is broken, we'll fix it.

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Will we be able to view info about our perma dead characters?

You'll be able to view all your past characters along with some interesting info for each.

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What happens when my character perma-dies?

This is the fate of all who will play ToA.

We've talked about the topic of perma-death countless times but we haven't talked much about what happens afterwards. The "what now?" if you will. What exactly happens after your character has perma-died? Sure you must start a new character, we all know that, but what of the dearly departed? Can their legacy live on in TerVarus or does it fade away, lost to time? There's lots more that happens after your character perma-dies than what you might think.

First is the epitaph. All perma-dead characters can still be viewed at character selection along with (we are aiming for) a large amount of data on the character. Which regions of the world he visited, skill ranks achieved, how many rabbits raised, number of wounds received, and so on. In addition, we want to grab various screenshots of the character throughout his life that you can thumb through including each death and upon certain achievements like casting his first spell and more. None of this data will be available until the character perma-dies. We want you focused on your journey while your character is still alive, not the spreadsheets.

If your character made a worthy enough impact on TerVarus, for good or ill, his name will make it into the Monolith, an ever-growing record of TerVarus. The more your character achieves in his life, the higher his name will rise, ranging from a simple entry in a tome to a larger than life statue.

If your character has done enough in his life to merit a place towards the top of the monolith, chances are good that the GM staff may actually use your character's history to enrich the lore of the world. This is where it can get crazy! Maybe your character killed hundreds of travelers in the Whispering Wind Valley over his life time. Don't be surprised if you see him as a ghost haunting that location looking to take even more souls. Was your character known throughout TerVarus as being one of the best and most generous tailors? Maybe he will have a tailoring innovation named after him. The possibilities are mind-boggling!

If that's not enough, we'll add more to the soup once religion is released. Let's say your character was a devout priest that lived his whole life in the service of his god. Then one day you log in and notice your long-dead priest is able to be played again! Upon logging in, you're given a notice that your god has charged his most faithful with returning to TerVarus and ridding the world of a scourge. You have one life counter to kill as many of these scourge beasts as possible, allowing you to better your standing with your god even more! How cool would that be?!

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The End