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by Forged Chaos

Static spawning will be perma-killed in ToA. You will not see the same creatures spawning over and over again in a given location. Instead, creatures will spawn according to the local climate, their affinity to civilization and a host of other variables.

The trees and plants of TerVarus can be harvested so this same dynamic behavior will extend to the flora as well.

If that's not enough, our interactive GM team will be constantly dropping special spawn points throughout the world. These spawn points will have an incredible amount of flexibility in what they spawn, how long they spawn for and any special triggers the GM team might want to throw at you. A spawn point that generates an orc every 2 to 4 minutes for 24 hours? Childs play. A spawn point that will generate an encampment once the spawned orc count reaches 20? Easy. Placing that spawn point just outside your city walls? Now we're talking!

We will have an ever-growing number of dungeon maps that the GM team will prepopulate with spawn points then place into the world. A GM placed dungeon will not be a permanent fixture of TerVarus and will collapse after a given time.


Will there be static creature/resource spawns?

Not in your typical MMO sense where you go down to the forested grove and watch deer spawn all day, watching a new one spawn three seconds after one was killed.

We will have areas, known as biomes, that will determine what type of and how many creatures get spawned there as well as how often. The spawned creatures will not be in a close proximity either. In other words, deer may spawn in the biome you're in, but not always in that nice tidy 50 feet x 50 feet forested grove.

The biomes will also know which plants, bushes and trees it can spawn and in what capacity.

Source: Official FAQ, 15-09-2012

What are GM spawn markers?

Game master spawn markers is a tool that will enable GMs to place dynamic spawn points anywhere within the world. These spawn points, while invisible to the players, will have a host of parameters that can be set such as what it spawns, how often, the radius in which it can spawn, escalation (once 10 goblins have spawned, spawn an orc), terminators (if orc cheiftain is killed, destroy the spawn marker), lifespan (spawn creatures for 7 days, then destroy the spawn marker) and countless other options.

The result: a spawn layer above the biome spawns that will make the world feel truly dynamic.

Source: Official FAQ, 15-09-2012

Will ToA have complex ecosystems and species interaction?

Tanamoril: "It would be amazing if the ecosystem were simulated to such a point where, for example, killing all the wolves would cause the deer and rabbit populations to grow in response, causing the undergrowth of the forest to be overgrazed and thus robbing small animals like rodents and bugs of living space so that the nearby town is overrun with vermin. Or if cutting down an old forest would cause an entirely different kind of tree to take hold in the now-sunny clearings, creating habitat for a whole different group of animals."

I can tell you that we're going to push as hard as we possibly can to have exactly those kinds of ecosystemic ideas you mention, Tanamoril. We want a world that reacts to what all of you do, for the weal or woe of the lands, and to what we do as the interactive team. Of course, we can't code everything, but we're going to endeavor to have as much dynamic species interactions as we can.

Source: Forums (Varl), 15-09-2012

Will creatures always behave in a predictable manner?

Keep in mind that creatures and animals have personalities and different factors that can control their actions. For example a bear might just look at you and walk away because he may have already eaten that morning and be full of berries or fish. As where that moose that looked your way earlier in the day may decide you are a threat to it's young that are hiding nearby and attack you as you turn the next bend in the woods. Even the same 2 bears may act completely different so be cautious out there, TerVarus can be a dangerous world.

Varl adds to that: Aren't you tired of deer that never flee when you approach, or for that matter, aren't you tired of being able to see deer in the first place?

Source: Forums (Loestri), 19-09-2012

Will the world and its creatures keep on living and doing their things, even with no players nearby?

I'm going to add a splash of reality here before perceptions get too carried away.

We have to walk a fine line between server resources and "no player present nature simulations" that are being hinted at. While there's absolutely nothing wrong with dreaming of a real world where you could squish your toes in the mud, have plants sway to the side as you walk by, and know those baby bear cubs will some day grow up and maul your neighbor, we have to concern ourselves with the finite resources our servers and bandwidth will allow.

Don't get me wrong! I would love a living breathing world as much as anyone else here, and we have many designs in place to 'fake it' but technology mandates that we can only go so far.

Source: Forums (Brax), 19-09-2012

As I read recently (can't remember where), the illusion often is all you need to achieve what you're after.

Source: Forums (Varl), 19-09-2012

You can't expect the entire world to be populated by the same NPC boring pig, fish, bear everywhere in the world.

A fair and totally good expectation. One that I share completely.

Source: Forums (Varl), 04-10-2012

I have to say that is one of the MOST annoying aspects of all MMO's for me. No matter where you go you end up fighting the same stupid mobs over and over, just different color/skin.

Again, it's up to me to make sure our biomes have a wide variety of species for characters to interact with, but as with the playable races, the more and better our Kickstarter does, the more species and playable races you'll get. I have quite the library of creatures at my fingertips that I fully intend to peruse and show the team when the time comes to determine TOA-unique beings. The database for spawning will be very robust, and it can be because each and every creature will have their preferred biomes they will spawn in, and hopefully, give the user the widest possible variation in discovered species we can code.

Source: Forums (Varl), 04-10-2012

What creatures would we expect to see in TerVarus?

We've shortened the list of creatures for initial launch but there will be enough to keep you more than entertained. The mawktopus is still on said list. A hint regarding this fella -- he likes the heat and humidity of jungle areas and have been known to kill humans with a single blow. If you see one and have less than a settlement of friends with you, run. Seriously.

Source: Forums (Brax), 08-11-2012

Do you expect to see a lot of random player killing happening in ToA?

With the systems we'll have in place, I could easily see people hesitant about attacking strangers they can't con, no levels to be seen, and no evaluate monster tool to bleed all the challenge, unknown and danger out it. Of course, the creatures won't be as accommodating, as the carnivores will see you as food only, but will still flee if seriously pressed, which is how it should be, right?

I can also see the reckless player that doesn't care attacking whatever they feel like, i.e. murderers and barbarians, but such a play style comes with an automatic grief throttle called permadeath.

Source: Forums (Varl), 28-12-2012

Will there be any visual clues as to the strength of creatures roaming about?

We'll cross that bridge when we get to it, but suffice it to say that since there is no conning the difficulty of an opponent or a creature in TOA, we've discussed several possible cues the races will have available to them that could alert them to possible danger. Raknar might even have their spidey senses tingle! :D

Source: Forums (Varl), 28-12-2012

Will there be animal taming?

Yes, you'll be able to own and tame animals.

Source: Podcast (Brax), 14-01-2013

Will spawn markers have a radius to them?

All spawn markers will have a radius to them, set by the GM. We wouldn't want all creatures from a spawn marker appearing in the exact locale.

Source: Forums (Brax), 10-03-2013

Will being around a spawn marker prevent the spawn?

Great question! That is another setting we will be able to set on the spawn marker.

Source: Forums (Brax), 10-03-2013

Will creatures cross over area boundaries?

Creatures can move across boundaries.

Source: Forums (Brax), 11-03-2013

Can groups of mobs wander around the world? Such as bandits moving to some ruins or setting up a camp somewhere?

They can move but I wouldn't count on them migrating long distances.

Source: Forums (Brax), 11-03-2013

So, if you overbuild an area and block resource spawning, then you destroy all those building, will the spawning start up again?


Source: Forums (Brax), 11-03-2013

Wolves, rabbits, unicorns, orcs and their shaman, highwaymen, mawktopi....anyone hear anything new? Why do we not hear about undead much?

Because there is no undead slated for launch. We'll probably bring those in with religion.

Source: Forums (Brax), 11-03-2013

Will GMs be part time employees? Or full time?

Depends on how many we can dynamically spawn. ;)

Source: Forums (Brax), 11-03-2013

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