Funding & Promotion by: Forged Chaos


by Ildefonse

This book contains information about the planned funding of ToA via Kickstarter as well as information regarding the promotion of the game.


Are you still in touch with the rest of the old team of Shadowpool?

We stay in touch with some of the old crew (I even mentored one while he started his own business) but none of them currently have an official role with Forged Chaos at this time. That may or may not change given we have a successful KickStarter campaign. We'll certainly be looking for talent and if they are the best match, all the better!

Source: Forums (Brax), 13-09-2012

Can we expect races to be a high priority once the game has launched?

Without a doubt. In fact, we're hoping to include an extra race(s) if we exceed our KickStarter goal.

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On cutting the extra races for initial launch

Revv: "I think this is a hard but wise decision, making an MMO would already be a huge task, but making it with all old ToA promised just seems impossible without tens of millions. Just look at how much cost any big MMO of today, and look at how races are just new skins with modified stats whereas races inToA would imply totally new gameplay.

Thank you Brax for focusing on something doable  We're all supporting you and Forged Chaos on this."

I want to add a few things to what you said here Revv because I believe you are spot on with what you said. Yes, it was a difficult decision to launch ToA with just humans. The risk of promising all of those wonderful, fascinating races from the past having to cut them from launch was HUGE in my opinion. We just didn't know how you would feel about such a bold decision. It makes my heart happy that is has been taken so well.

The second thing I want to say is that it irritates me in one of the worst ways ever that companies that make MMOs rip off you, the game consumers, to introduce new "expansions" and charge you the rediculous prices for those expansions. I mean, come on people!! What are you thinking about? Do you not want your players to enjoy the content of the game? Why on earth would you charge them extra for it? What are you doing with their monthly subscriptions?? Does it really cost $100 Million a month to develop new content and maintain the game???! ** Takes a deep breath to calm down **

This is why we feel we can be successful with a KickStarter project is because all we are after is enough funds to build the core game and get the game to market. After it goes live we will build our block point releases and schedules based upon how much money your monthly subscriptions bring in. Then we will implement the content slowly and organically without disrupting the game (if possible) so that you can discover the content on your own without some big fan fare and a new box on the shelves to buy. This is how it should be done and this is how we are going to do it.

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Will you be able to get enough budget via Kickstarter? And what will set ToA apart?

We have a KickStarter goal in mind that will make it feasible for us to launch the game. We've never been after the mass market of gamers and could sustain ourselves and even thrive off what most people would consider a sliver of the market.

ToA won't have a multi-million dollar marketing budget, bleeding edge graphics with bloom effects that blur out your screen, or all the other traps that other companies use to draw you in. What we will have is good solid game-play backed by features that set us apart.

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About players used to hold-your-hand MMORPG's

Well, in the end, if it does come down to jaded players saying no to ToA because of past MMOs that haven't lived up to the bill, I'll feel worst for all of you that truly know what the game really is and could have been. I also have faith in the fans that they're ready for something new and different, and that we're MORE than ready to give it to you to the best of our ability.

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Why use KickStarter instead of traditional development funding?

During the development of the initial design many years ago, we met with countless investors, investment groups and publishers. They passed us by. Not because they didn't believe we couldn't build it. We had a prototype to prove that wasn't the case, plus many of them told us outright it wasn't the team, it was the design. It was "too different" or "not main stream". They subscribed to the "copy-cat" model of investing, meaning they were looking for games that cloned what was already released and making a good return on investment.

With the idea of crowd-source fund-raising coming into its own, we have seen an opportunity to potentially fund ToA development through the ones that wouldn't let it die -- the fans. They get it. They understand the MMO world needs ToA. So much so that they wouldn't stop emailing us, even after the project shut down. Some going so far as to offer their time and even money if we would open the doors again.

A side benefit of using KickStarter is we won't be strapped by the confines put on us by traditional investors. We can develop ToA the way it has been designed and without compromise. The best part is we'll be able to pay back their generosity in spades with a plethora of rewards ranging from special access to development progress to becoming a permanent part of the game they helped fund!

Source: Official FAQ, 15-09-2012

How do you feel switching from traditional funding to crowd funding?

We're asking you to put your money where your mouth has been all these years. Not an easy thing to ask for but we wouldn't be trying it if we didn't think you guys wouldn't be up for it.

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On reaching out to gamers used to recent MMO's

We need to get the gamers out there to see that the differences of ToA are what they are looking for, whether they realize it or not. The youngn's that grew up on MMOs that catered to their every whim ("I have to walk 100 ft to that shop?!" *teleport*) will have to come to learn that the challenge is what can be the most fun. They need to see how with the possibility of loss, winning is that much more sweeter.

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Will Kickstarter rewards be character or account based?

As an admitted PvP weenie, I wasn't about to let KS stretches get wasted on one character, not that I had all the say of course, but I know I'm going to lose a lot of life counters, and it's important that the added stretch items you pay more money for are totally at your discretion to dispense. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Source: Forums (Varl), 15-09-2012

Many features were cut from the old design. Do you intend to still implement those later on?

The business side of FC knows what had the most draw of potential players in the old design and that has not been forgotten. ;)

Source: Forums (Brax), 15-09-2012

Can you guys pull it off?

Thanks for asking the tough question -- can we actually pull this off if we get the money? Of course any answer I give could be perceived as bias since I am one of the owners of the company but I'll take a jab at it anyway.

I can tell you that we had a working prototype last time around. It was far from feature-complete mind you but we were well on our way. We were logging in to the server with a a small bit of the world built, beta island as we called it. We had the human and arrwic models on the island (although no animations on them yet) and we were all flying around as pixies amongst the embedded SpeedTrees. We had libraries of concept art, orthos, models, renders, textures, animations, music, etc. I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting...

This was from owners that started off knowing just about zero of how to design and develop a game. We poured a LOT of our own money into the development, assembling a team of talented artists and coders and slugged our way through the monstrosity that was our original (and far too ambitious) design document.

We learned a massive amount of design and development along the way, most of which was reflected on the website over the years.

In the end, no, we didn't make it, but I can promise you it wasn't from lack of dedication or know-how. Every single person on the team was dedicated to levels that sometimes bordered on insanity. They just needed to pay their bills and the design was bigger than our wallets. Simply put, what stopped us last time wasn't talent, dedication or vision. It was just the lack of money.

Our new design has been trimmed back to an achievable scope. We've had independent sources review our design for development time and risks. From that we've come up with an amount of money we'll need to not only develop the game but to cover various unforeseen hurdles we may come up against.

In closing, regardless of anything I can say or how I say it, you will each have to decide for yourselves if you believe enough in the design -- and us -- to be confident in knowing we'll deliver on what we're promising. If it turns out to not be enough and we don't meet our goal, nobody will be out anything and we'll know ToA wasn't meant to be.

Varl in reply: "Well said, boss. That pretty much sums up the last 12 years of our lives, and as all of you can imagine, we certainly don't plan on having 12 years of our lives be for nothing should we reach our needed funding requirements. I just wish we could show you the demo we had up and running. Man, that was so cool to know our team made a live, working demo with flying! I was so pumped to be able to fly a pixie around. Our programmers and artists were some of the best to work solely on the hope, and we fully intend to find similar people should we reach our KS needs and pay them this time! lol"

Source: Forums (Brax), 18-09-2012

About current discontent amongst MMO players

Question is, how to turn speech into action. Everyone can give lip service to the woes and befallings of MMOs today, but how does a development team with no money turn gamer beliefs of status quo and acceptance for the types of MMOs they're fed today by other development companies into gamers that see the differences we're endeavoring to achieve and do something about it? There's an almost tangible barrier or membrane of a sort that separates us from achieving our mutual MMO vision. Some call it "going viral', that through enough exposure or somehow being able to enter into that specific channel(s) of consciousness, people begin to get excited over what you're doing. Sometimes, I like to think of gaming as a neural pathway in the brain. If you can somehow manage to hit that one specific neural pathway in gamers that clicks with them, you're golden.

Source: Forums (Varl), 18-09-2012

I like Loestri's super positive outlook, but I'm a cynical bastard and am very curious to see how the "hard core" play-to-win gamers fit into this world.

At first, perhaps they won't fit in, but hopefully for them as well as for us, they'll come around to see the light all of you on these forums have seen for a long time. Hopefully, they open their eyes to see it in time to help TOA get made. Uggh. I'm making this game sound like a panacea for all the ills of the MMO world. Fortunately, it's a disease I have that I don't want cured.

Source: Forums (Varl), 02-10-2012

What kind of development experience do the developers have?

The bottom line is we have no titles under our belt. We gained a pretty massive amount of experience during development of ToA the first time around. We had nothing and achieved a prototype that was presentable to investors. No easy feat considering there were no (affordable) frame-works for MMO development like there is today.

It's perfectly acceptable to us if that's what stops someone from pledging. It's your money and you should only spend it on things that you deem worthy.

Source: Forums (Brax), 15-10-2012

About Kickstarter rewards

Yeah, setting stretch goals and rewards is a tricky beast. We've poured a ton of time into researching other successful projects -- we've got a spreadsheet the size of TerVarus to prove it -- so we certainly won't be going into our KS campaign with optimistic blinders on. We've got great rewards planned, some of which we've not seen anyone offer before. We're far more giving with our rewards too. All that wrapped up in a pledge tier structure carefully constructed to make you give way more than you wanted.

Source: Forums (Brax), 01-11-2012

We want to truly reward those that are taking the leap of faith in us. Look at it as if you are an early round investor. You are taking the largest risk so its only logical that you stand to gain the most.

Does that mean we're going to have rewards that grant insane amounts of advantage? Of course not, but I'm not at all opposed to justly rewarding those that believe in us enough to pledge their hard-earned money thereby allowing us to create the game we will ALL enjoy.

Source: Forums (Brax), 24-04-2013

Have you informed any MMO sites of your re-launch?

We sent a press release to all the MMO sites we could find, including, when we first went live with the new website. Oddly enough, not a one published our release. I'm sure it doesn't help that we say were not in full development but I'm not going to lie about our status.

I'll shoot out another release to the sites and let them know I'd be happy to answer any questions they may have.

Don't worry, we're FAR from being out of tricks to gain traction to the project. We're working on some stuff right now that will definitely raise some gamer eyebrows.

Source: Forums (Brax), 16-11-2012

Should we vote for ToA on

Feel free to go vote if you think ToA deserves it. We can't offer you anything for it (as that would be unethical and against's rules) but the more hype ToA gets, the better chances we'll have at our Kickstarter campaign!

Source: Forums (Brax), 16-11-2012

What can we do to help raise awareness about ToA?

We're working on every angle but we need help from people like you. Tell your friends, like us on facebook and/or twitter and share/retweet our stuff as much as you can. Write about us if you have a blog. Tell the big gaming sites that should be covering us, etc.

Source: Forums (Brax), 20-11-2012

Do you plan on releasing some video's for the promotion of the game?

Videos, yes eventually. Whether they go viral isn't something we can control, however. Rest assured. The proof is coming.

Source: Forums (Varl), 05-12-2012

What do you do with all the input and feedback from forum members?

We read every new post that comes to our forums, and consider each suggestion as a worthwhile suggestion. If a suggestion happens to be good enough, I guarantee it will be bounced back and forth at our meetings until we come to an agreement on whether it fits our game schema and whether to use it as suggested, partially or not at all.

We value everyone's opinions on our systems, as well as speculations, wishlists and passing thoughts. I believe part of frustration of this kind comes due to lack of information which we're endeavoring to remedy on a daily basis and one post at a time.

Source: Forums (Varl), 25-12-2012

Will we be notified when the Kickstarter campaign starts?

I solemnly swear to fill your inbox with notices of our Kickstarter campaign!

Source: Forums (Brax), 01-01-2013

Will stretch goals impact the release date of the game?

I'll be looking at each stretch goal to NOT impact our predetermined timeline for launch. Having extra money will simply mean we can bring in/outsource more resources to achieve the stretch goal without impacting said timeline. I also understand that more money doesn't always equal more features without more time, so again, each stretch goal we present will be vetted very carefully for such things.

Source: Forums (Brax), 03-01-2013

It is surprisingly difficult to get people interested in ToA at first. There are so many implications of the features that you only see after thinking about the big picture of how they work together.

That has been our plight for years, which has taught me it's not about the pitch, it's about the education.

Source: Forums (Brax), 03-01-2013

On pledge rewards

If an item was given out as a pledge award it would ONLY be given to those that donate in that pledge level (and most likely those pledge levels above it as well....this is yet to be determined) and that person would probably receive a code that they can input once in the game and the character that is active would receive the (blessed)item. This same method would apply to all in-game items that MAY be given out as pledge rewards. I hope this helps to clarify things for in-game items ;)

Source: Forums (Loestri), 11-01-2013

Are you saying that any items you may give out as pledge rewards, will always only be available to one character? Even if they'd be purely decorative items?

No. We haven't solidified any of this yet.

Source: Forums (Brax), 11-01-2013

Since the referral competition is no longer in effect, have you considered or come up with alternative plans for doling out starting settlements?

Yes, we have a possible solution that we're working on. It wont be as automated as the referral system we had in place, but we certainly want to give everybody the best possibilty of winning one of these cities based on the amount of people they bring in. It might be more manual, but we certainly want to help those that are helping us by bringing in more people.

Source: Podcast (Brax), 14-01-2013

Trials of Ascension is much older than Sword Art Online, but have you drawn any inspiration from the series or are the similarities merely a coincidence?

Considering we've never heard of it, no. We didn't hear about it until we started to get the members influx through their videos. But it's certainly an interesting series and I can see some relation, but no, there was no influence there.

Source: Podcast (Brax), 14-01-2013

How is ToA pronounced?

It is pronounced tee-oh-a, not "Toa". "Toa" sounds kind of cool, but yes, use the acronym.

Source: Podcast (Brax), 14-01-2013

Have you decided to abandon the old IRC Q&A's in favour for podcasts?

At this point, we don't know. I will admit it's much easier to talk about this than to type about it. But no, we'll probably jump into IRC from time to time. I don't know if we'll full on chat about it, I mean shoot, we might just do a Skype and invite everybody to listen to us. We're not sure at this point.

Source: Podcast (Brax), 14-01-2013

What is the planned business model for the game?

Subscription With An Unlimited Time Trial

It is as straight-forward as it sounds. We want you to subscribe but we want everyone to be able to experience the spirit of the game for as long as they wish. The key phrase there is "the spirit of the game". Trial accounts will be in the same world as the subscribers, experiencing much of the same game as subscribers, but they are on TRIAL (<-- keyword) accounts and will be limited in certain capacities compared to their subscriber counterparts. This removes any barrier to entry for those that wish to try out ToA and lets those that are OK with the restrictions to keep playing forever AT NO COST to them.

To be clear, we are not billing this as a Free-To-Play model where everyone gets the exact same game, because, well, they don't. It's free to TRY (<-- keyword again) ... in a limited capacity ... for an unlimited amount of time.

So, what are the differences between a trial account and subscription?

Trial accounts have access to the human race, with no skill cap, normal rate of skill gain, 2 character slots and all the crafting to come with the human race. However trial accounts cannot be a king or lady cannot own land and cannot discover innovations, although trial accounts may still trade or interrogate innovations.

Subscription accounts gain 8 character slots, increased exp, increased treasury storage and login priority, along with the loyalty program!

Source: Podcast (Brax), 14-01-2013

We're leaning heavily towards a subscription model at this point. If we stick with that model, we will NOT be charging you for the game. In fact, we'll probably offer a free trial so as to knock the barrier to entry down to nothing, allowing people to try it out before committing any money. Kind of a F2PFN (Free To Play For Now).

Source: Forums (Brax), 09-02-2013

We've made the decision that ToA will be using a subscription model. It's the fairest way to handle a game such as this. It will be free to download and comes with a trial period so there is no risk for anyone willing to give it a try.

Source: Forums (Brax), 13-03-2013

About F2P

Honestly, I think the F2P model has become so prominent because the market is saturated.

You're a gamer. You're online and see two games you're thinking of trying. One if F2P and the other is P2P. You're far more apt to try the F2P because there is zero barrier to entry. You simply download it and start playing. If you don't like it, you're out nothing but some time. In a market as competitive and saturated as MMOs, a lot of developers feel they have to do anything to get your attention.

I also happen to think this "ooo ooo pick me!" situation is because there isn't much variance between the games' features. They are all so close in design that there isn't really nothing left to entice the user with except price (or lack of). This can be proven by going to any mmo news site and read the many threads of people saying the market has stagnated and they want something truly different.

There are also two very big upsides for developers when it comes to F2P.

The first is with zero barrier to entry, you gain a lot more players. Look at World of Tanks and League of Legends. They each have more players than World of Warcraft ... a lot more. This fills your world with inhabitants, always a bonus. We can discuss the quality of gamer this tends to attract later.

The second is the F2P model is built to remove the per-player income limit. Why charge you just $15/mo when you might very well spend $50 on those extra perks/items/whatever? From a business stand-point, this makes perfect sense. Why limit your per-player-income potential?

... wow, wrote a lot more than I had planned....

Source: Forums (Brax), 16-01-2013

Are you ruthless business men that are only after our money?

We may actually be ruthless businessmen, that has yet to be seen, but it is geared towards getting ToA to market rather than some ruthless scheme for slimming your wallets and fattening our bank accounts. We will be doing our very best to make this an equitable partnership between player and developer where the developer will receive the players fee, dedication and support while the player is getting an immersive, challenging world where they can relax, have fun, and enjoy the break from reality through hours of enjoyable game content, GM run events, and a consistent stream of new content and game expansion in the best organic methods we can come up with. May the player ALWAYS get the better end of the deal! :D

Source: Forums (Loestri), 17-01-2013

About paying a subscription to play ToA

Anyone been to a movie lately? Go with a buddy or a date? Buy any concessions?

Whether you thought the movie was absolutely terrific or you though it was "ehhh" you probably just dropped about $60 for that 2 to 3 hours of non-interactive entertainment. Now take that same $60 and buy 4 months worth of ToA. Whether you think it is absolutely terrific or just "ehhh" can you justify not seeing a 2 hour show for a couple months worth of game time in ToA? I guess that is a question only you can answer, but for me there just aren't that many good movies in town that I want to see.

* We have not finalized our pricing model/structure
** All prices mentioned are strictly for purposes of hypothasism and are subject to change by FC and the theaters at any time.

Source: Forums (Loestri), 18-01-2013

I've missed my chance to win a beta pass!

Don't fret it too much....I am sure we will be finding ways to dole out additional passes. ;)

Source: Forums (Loestri), 22-01-2013

Are you planning to have a lifetime subscription as a possible Kickstarter reward?

Don't get too worried or too happy about the lifetime sub idea. It's nothing more than an idea at this time. Loestri was/is just testing the waters and probing for feedback, which you all have been gracious enough to give.

Source: Forums (Brax), 09-02-2013

Are you planning a video for the Kickstarter campaign?

There will certainly be a video for our Kickstarter campaign.

Source: Forums (Brax), 13-02-2013

Will I have to buy the game or subscribe to try out ToA?

We plan on having a free trial so the cost to try ToA will be zilch.

Source: Forums (Brax), 14-02-2013

How exactly does one win one of the four starting settlements?

You are entered for a chance to win one of the four starting cities by just registering on the forums. Simple as that. :) We did have a referral system in place where you would earn an extra chance with each person you referred to the forums, but the codebase broke our forums so we backed away from that idea. We're still coming up with an alternative that is fair for everyone yet still rewards those that help us attract more people.

The cities will all be pre-designed by us. They will come with 40-50 private homes of various sizes that the lord will rule over but NOT own. The houses will probably be in the pledge reward lineup on a first come first serve basis. That last sentence is not finalized yet so please don't count it as such. The cities will also come with various civic buildings such as a treasury, guard posts (stocked with guards), and lots of walls.

We plan on announcing the winners after the Kickstarter campaign ends (successfully). At that time, we will announce one winner and confirm with that person if they want the city. We will continue the process until we've chosen all four winners. Once we have the cities built (no we don't have them built right now), we will display them with various screenshots (maybe video?) to either the public or just the winners (not sure yet). The first winner will get first pick of the city he or she wants, the second winner will get second pick and so on.

Clear as mud?

Source: Forums (Brax), 17-02-2013

We're planning on one server for launch but will be ready to deploy more if needed. We'll give away four settlements on each server. Winners will get to pick their settlement and server based on the order they won.

Source: Forums (Brax), 17-02-2013

Do you plan to offer a life-time subscription as a Kickstarter reward?

Well I think I have heard enough to say that we at FC will most likely NOT put a lifetime subscription on the table with our Kickstarter any pledge level. After some serious discussions with Brax and Varl we feel that it just isn't the right fit and we have decided to just drop the idea.

I want to thank everyone for their opinions and discussions.

Source: Forums (Loestri), 17-02-2013

Should we expect a poll about how much we'd be willing to pledge for a custom statue?

No. We've already set the price based on how much it'll cost to implement (with a kick to further help development of the game).

Source: Forums (Brax), 26-02-2013

Trials of Ascension has a very strong grass roots history. Can you give us some background on the game?

The roots of Trials of Ascension's design are ancient in game years.  In fact they go back to the heyday of Ultima Online.  As other MMOs such as Everquest, Asheron's Call, and Dark Age of Camelot came onto the scene and even as UO matured, we started noticing a trend where it seemed designs were being changed so as to remove any challenges and losses for the player. It somehow became OK to let everyone win. Also, they removed consequences for negative actions and replaced them with artificial barriers in the way of consensual PvP toggles and the like. As a result, the games started to feel less immersive to us. We felt the MMO genre, a genre we fell in love with, was headed in the wrong direction and we took it upon ourselves to do something about it.

We formed Shadowpool Studios (our former company), and designed ToA.  We designed it to be exactly what we wanted to play. Turns out we were designing what people would call a sandbox MMO today, but we were just focused on making the most fun game we could imagine.  We found some talent and put together a prototype on nothing more than a shoestring budget and the team's sheer tenacity.

Throughout this time we managed to attract a rabid following of thousands, all without spending a penny on advertising, and before social networking was as big of a thing as it is now. We let the design speak for itself and made no apologies for our design choices.

We pitched our design and prototype to countless investors and publishers and got a few offers but nothing we could bring ourselves to accept. We were consistently told that while they believed in our ability to bring ToA to market, our designs didn't mirror the other MMOs that were meeting with success. ToA wasn't "mainstream" enough.  Our little kid wasn't cool enough.

We never considered compromising our design, so once the funding options dried up, we closed shop.  That was a very hard time for us all.  We poured everything into ToA.  We lost a lot - time with our families, friendships, money, the list goes on.

Even though we didn’t make it to launch, we achieved more than many others who have tried and we did it at a fraction of the cost. We learned what it took to take an idea of a game from concept to design, to development, to prototype. We learned what works and what doesn't: always avoid scope creep or reach a zero-sum solution if creep can't be avoided, iterate often, develop on agile philosophies, never forget to pay tribute to the developer gods, etc.

Years later - and still receiving emails on a weekly basis asking when we were going to try it again - we learned of Kickstarter and thought ’let’s give it a shot'  ToA fans were consistently saying they would do anything to make sure ToA sees the light of day and now we're holding them to that.  We dusted off the old design, trimmed it back to a much more realistic scope and have started limited development. In the near future we will post our Kickstarter campaign and if the world deems us worthy, we'll move into full development.

Source: (Brax), 27-02-2013

Can you talk about the changes in scope you have made to the game design?

It was painful to cut some features from the old design but we knew that it had to be done if we wanted to keep the budget down and launch the game in a reasonable amount of time.  That said, I think the decisions we made really do preserve the core ToA experience and even make it a tighter game out of the gate.

The biggest change is that we've reduced the race line-up to just humans.  Loads of people loved the diverse player-races we had planned in the old design, and we certainly hope to re-introduce many of them at some point. In the meantime, we think humans will be a great starting point for launch.

Beyond the race cuts, we removed the religion system, mounts, ships, and shrank the size of the starting world.

Again, we intend to revisit some of these features down the road through content updates and introducing Innovations, but for now we’re focused on getting the core game ready for launch.

Source: (Brax), 27-02-2013

What type of feedback are you getting from your fanbase? How can players impact the design of the game?

Our fanbase rocks!  They have been nothing but supportive and I'll bet you won't find a friendlier gaming forum!  They have accepted the scaled back design knowing the priority is getting the game launched, which is just the beginning and post-launch design growth will be perpetual.

We read just about every post on the forums and are always open to listening to anyone's ideas and comments. We never want anyone to be afraid to approach us and their fellow fans with their suggestions.

Should we succeed in our Kickstarter campaign, our plan is to open a private access forum. Those accepted into the private forum can expect a considerable increase in access to the development process and status as well as the amount of impact they can have on the design.

Source: (Brax), 27-02-2013

What are your plans going into 2013? Do you see a beta in the future before the end of the year?

Our immediate plans are to continue development on ToA while raising as much awareness as we can before launching our Kickstarter campaign.  If our Kickstarter succeeds, we will transition into full development.  We're constantly surprised at how fast things are coming together but even so, I wouldn't count on seeing a beta by the end of this year.

Source: (Brax), 27-02-2013

Would stretch goals shorten or lengthen the development time of ToA?

The idea for any stretch goal is for it to NOT lengthen the development time line. I seriously doubt it would ever shorten our time lines though. Loads of variables to consider though. Some of our planned stretch goals would be relatively easy to complete while others ... not so much.

Source: Forums (Brax), 16-04-2013

Will trial accounts be separated from the general population?

[No], trial accounts won't be segregated from the general population.

Source: Forums (Brax), 18-04-2013

Will you offer tiered or a la carte Kickstarter rewards?

We recently heard from Kickstarter that they no longer allow an a la carte only setup. A hybrid with rewards in tiers and an add-on setup (think Camelot Unchained) are the closest they will allow. Furthermore, no physical rewards can be in the add-on list.

With these now known restrictions, we're going with the hybrid. From what we've structured so far, it won't be a problem to explain or understand. And you're going to LOVE some of the stuff in the add-on list!

Source: Forums (Brax), 08-05-2013

The End