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by Forged Chaos

Interrogation is another feature of ToA that you don't see much of in other games, especially in MMOs. It opens a whole range of opportunities and adds an insane amount of dynamics to the game.

In order to interrogate someone they will need to be unconscious. Yes, we know you can't really interrogate someone if they are knocked out. It's sort of implied that even though they are out of it they are coherent enough to possibly answer your questions.

There will be a long list of information you can attempt to extract from your target ranging from their name to the secrets of their innovations! The difficulty of extracting information is based on the information you want. Pulling someone's name is relatively easy but you'll be in for a tough go if you try to get their innovation.

Once you've got an unconscious target, you'll select from a list the information you want to attempt to get and select what technique of interrogation you'd like to use to get it. Will you use persuasion, intimidation, or trickery? Each technique has its own advantages and disadvantages and plays against different attributes of your target. For example attempting to trick a target that has a high intelligence probably won't net you anything. Assuming your attempt is successful, you'll get the information you're after.

You can only ask for so much information before your target becomes immune to your efforts.

Finally, interrogating someone will cause you to lose reputation with their settlement and if you're caught in the act you can be attacked and killed with no repercussion to your attacker's reputations. Our advise - choose your targets wisely.


How does unconsiousness work?

ToA will include unconsciousness, the state between life and death. Your character will fall unconscious when its hit points drop to 0 or below.
Each character will have an attribute called fortitude. One of many roles this attribute plays is to determine how deep into unconsciousness your character can go before it dies. For example, your character has a fortitude of 50, meaning he could go to -50 hit points before he dies.

While unconscious, you have no control over your character and others may loot and interrogate him as well as kill him. Your character will wake up when he reaches 1 hit point.

Source: Official FAQ, 15-09-2012

So is the only way to find out someone's true name by interrogation or magic?

You can also acquire it through a real devious and ancient method seldom employed in today's MMOs: by talking to them. ;)

Source: Forums (Varl), 18-11-2012

Will it be easy for others to obtain innovations via interrogation?

Interrogation itself is a skill where only the highly skilled can extract such sensitive information.

Source: Forums (Brax), 12-12-2012

If a settlement put all its innovations into a single character, one kidnapping and interrogation would reveal or could reveal all of your technology to an enemy...

Is this a bad thing? Rhetorical question. The answer is no.

You don't get to pick who initially learns an innovation so you can't really "put" your innovations into one character. Plus innovations are going to be so diverse that you'd need a character highly skilled in every skill to be able to execute all those innovations.

Source: Forums (Brax), 25-12-2012

Can I interrogate someone even though I didn't knock them unconscious?

You can extract info from the unconscious without having to thump them on the head yourself. So long as you can come across or get someone to an unconscious state, you've got the opportunity to apply your trade. The poison example is a perfectly legit way to try it.

Source: Forums (Brax), 29-12-2012

Is interrogation a criminal act?

Yes, interrogating someone is 100% illegal.

Source: Forums (Brax), 29-12-2012

Could we keep knocking each other unconscious to train the interrogation skill?

No, there will be no grinding of the interrogation skill. We've thought of that a long time ago and have methods to stop it dead in its tracks. All told, interrogation will be a skill that takes a very long time to build and only the masters will be able to extract sensitive info such as innovations from others. Even so, it's not a given that your mark will give up his/her info. Lots of things at play such as their fortitude, the interrogation method used, etc.

Source: Forums (Brax), 29-12-2012

Is it really possible to have a skill that no other player has?

Schrewd: "Yes totally possible, its called Innovations, once you discover it, that innovation will be removed from the list of available innovations other characters could learn. So you'll be the only one who knows that skill. Then its up to you if want to share it with other players or not."

...or, potentially have it taken from your character via Interrogation. The part I like the most is, even the player that takes an innovation away from me via interrogation isn't unique (I still know it), so if I intended to share my innovation with everyone anyway, he merely got it sooner than everyone else. The only drawback is if I intended to never share my innovation with anyone. I just love the idea of it, though; players having all the control over the propagation of an innovation. :D

Source: Forums (Varl), 08-01-2013

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