Podcast 6 (resources) by: Forged Chaos

Podcast of 25 march 2013 (resource gathering)

transcribed by Primalmoon

Please let me know of any inaccuracies or mistakes.

Brax: This time we're going to cover resource gathering. I'm gonna do an overview and then we're gonna pass it around to the different types of resources that you can gather and then I'll give any closing statements.

The types of resources that you can gather are essentially flora, fauna and minerals. Or as we're really gonna call them, just trees and plants, animals, and resources from mines.

Varl: Resource gathering for trees and plants: the process of felling and then harvesting a tree will involve using a tool (an axe, some other device) in which you target the tree that you’re after and the basically whittle its hit points down to zero at which point they tree model will be replaced with a pile of logs. Each tree will hold an amount of logs or amount of wood based on its species, meaning each species will have variable amounts. However there will only be one type of wood so even if you’re chopping on an elm or a maple, even though you might get two completely different totals or amounts from these two types of trees the resource would only be wood. It won't be elm wood [and] it won’t be maple wood--at least not at this time. Once you acquire the logs from the tree in a pile and then you'll have to use another tool upon the logs in order to harvest them from the pile of logs--typically a handsaw or similar device. Each pile of logs will have a finite amount of logs within it and once that’s depleted down to zero the pile of logs will disappear.

On to plants. As far as plants go the process of harvesting a plant is you have to get within range of the plant and use your reticle to zero in on the plant to select it. Once you select it then you can attempt to harvest various resources from each individual plant depending on what you choose to harvest from each plant will give a chance of actually destroying the plant depending on the rarity of the resource that you're trying to pull from the plant.

Brax: And your skill.

Varl: And your skill, yes.

Brax: So when I reticle over a plant and go to harvest do they see all resources or is do they just… how does that look?

Varl: You’ll end up seeing all of them listed in the menu from which you can try and harvest but obviously some will be more difficult than others to pull from the plant based your skill.

Brax: Not only can you fail your skill check and destroy the thing you are after but you can also destroy the plant, is that right?

Varl: That’s right. Ok next up is, the next question had to deal with water-based plants and yes there will be water-based plants in the game and you’ll be able to harvest resources from them just as you would any terrestrial plant. One aspect of resource gathering, from plants that is, is that you can gather seeds particularly from tame plants, but there will be a very rare exception where you might be able to find a seed on a wild plant.

Brax: Well explain the difference between tamed and wild

Varl: Tamed and wild. The difference between Tame and wild is [a] tame plant is the type a player can grow in their settlement: corn beans carrots

Loestri: So domesticated

Varl: Domesticated type plants. Typical domesticated plants, yes wild plants is everything else outside in nature in the wilderness. Right now we've got a very very small list of seeds that you could possibly acquire from wild plants but the vast majority are going to be seeds from tame plants that allows you to grow or regrow

Brax: For clarity just because a wild plant might have a seed it might not mean specifically that it can be used to plant. It could be for other purposes such as in food recipes and/or magical components. That sort of thing.

Varl: Right. Don't think just because you find a seed that it can automatically be used to grow something. It might have a completely different purpose.

Varl: And as far as the plants resources that come off of all the plant--seeds and everything else--those resources can have positive and negative effects. Positive effects are obviously for using is in food or as food. Negative effects could be things like disease that you're unaware of. Poison. You can get poisoned by simply picking up a resource off of a plant and carrying it around with you. And to give you an extreme example you might pick a leaf off of this particular plant and a check is made against you to see if you’re poisoned because it has a poison aspect on it and you're not. You successfully avoid the poison and put the resource in your backpack and later on you need to use it again so by using again you're actually making another check to see if you’re poisoned and this effect could continue for a variable amount of checks until the poison effect is basically neutralized from the plant or you use the resource in some effect.

Loestri: So a smart resource gatherer comes prepared with gloves basically.

Brax: And other tools.

Varl: Yeah that would certainly help your avoidance.

Brax: Another positive effect could be for healing. Like for salves.

Loestri: Yeah, curing your diseases.

Varl: Yeah, exactly. We plan on making this the plant and tree resource database fairly robust so be prepared all you herbalists out there. It's going to be quite a test of what you’ve come to expect when it comes to what you think of herbalism when it comes to other games. And now I’ll pass it on back to Brax for animal resource gathering.

Brax: Well Varl already did a lot of the work for me because resource gathering on animal creatures in general work a lot like plants where you come up to the animal and hit a particular hotkey--or however the interface ends up working for resource gathering--and it’s going to show you all the resources within the creature even if you don’t have the skill to pull that resource. Each creature is going to have various body parts that you can harvest--some obvious some not so obvious. We’re toying with the idea of throwing in some rare things here and there even in common animals. An example we were just talking about before the podcast was a wolf. Maybe 1 in 100 wolves would have a six-toed paw instead of a five-toed paw. Just things like that.

Varl: Or perhaps it could have silver fur instead of white. Something out of the ordinary.

Brax: Yeah. And what those things are used for would be up to you to find out.

Really, again, Varl covered a lot of everything I needed to cover. But then we had a question about fishing ‘Is fishing going to be an option?’ and yes it will. You will be able to fish but you won't catch anything else you won't be pulling up boots and toilet seats and that sort of thing.

Loestri: How about a cold. Could you catch a cold from fishing?

Brax: If they do it up north, maybe.

Varl: Ice fishing

Brax: Yeah, no there won’t be any ice fishing. But it’s going to be pretty basic at least in the beginning. Fishing is fishing. Would love to expand on all of our designs but you guys know the drill. It's all about time and money. And I think that covers it for animals or for creatures. I’m going to throw it over to Loestri to talk about mines and the things that you can get out of them.

Loestri: Ok, I’m going to talk about the mines. There’s two kinds of mines in ToA. The first one is going to be tunnel mining and the second one will be surface mining. I’ll get to the surface mining here in a little bit. As far as the tunnel mines are concerned, tunnel minds will give you either a vertical entrance or a horizontal entrance depending upon the slope of the terrain that you decide to put your mine in. For tunnel mining you will need to carry some resources with you because you will need to build the entrance. Keep in mind that there will be a limited number of entrances allowed within a certain distance of space that is yet to be determined. So there isn’t any specifics on that. And mines are both quarries and mines. In other words when you dig a mine and gathered your resources you're going to be gathering resources that are pertinent to that biome as well as your normal stone and ore and possibly gemstones, that kind of thing. So if you’re in a desert region you’ll probably end up with more sand and if you are in the forested area you might run into clay, and in a rocky area then you might just not get anything but stone and ore, that kind of thing. So keep that in mind when you're mining for resources. Okay that’s pretty much it for the tunnels.

As far as the surface mining is concerned there won't be any nodes that you run into some MMOs in other words there won’t be mound showing what kind of ore is there--whether it’s single copper ore, silver, that kind of thing. What you'll be doing is using your best guess and determining where you think you want to mine for your resources and then use a tool--probably a pick or shovel--to begin to do your surface mining. Now the difference is that you’re not going to have any terrain deformation so you're not going to know who's been mining where. However there will be a certain number of resources available and when those are exhausted then you will be notified of that and then you probably need to move on in order to continue together more resources.

One thing I did fail to mention with the tunnel mining is that those mines will be semi-static. In other words they will stay where they are until the mine runs out of resources in which case you'll get an indication of that or you decide to go ahead and collapse the mine yourself.

Brax: Which only the owner will be able to do.

Loestri: Which only the owner will be able to do, yes. You won't need to worry about that with the surface mining because there won’t be any indication that a mine is actually there it’s pretty much just scraping the surface and see what you uncover.

So the other thing that we want to mention is that GM's can place creatures and spawn markers anywhere they really want within TerVarus and that includes mines so be aware that just because you created a mine today doesn't mean that it might not be some creatures lair tomorrow. So that premature wraps up mining for resources and I’ll turn it back over to Brax who has some final thoughts.

Brax: Ok, thanks Loestri. I’m just going to wrap it up with a few questions that we didn't answer beforehand. One of the questions was will you be able to connect mines--multiple mine shafts--and the answer is “No.” You’re going to portal into an area and that's it. You can’t really connect them. So if Varl places a mine and Loestri places a different mine, they’ll never be able to connect them.

Will resources be stackable? Yes they will, within reason. You'll be able to stack things like arrows, feathers, same food types like apples, that sort of thing. So where it makes sense yes you will be able to stack them. Harvested items left on the ground will be deleted after a time. Somebody asked about that in the answer is yes just like everything else if you leave something out there long enough--including your corpse--it will decay and go away after a time.

No skill is required for keeping items fresh in most cases. So if you want to keep the meat fresh longer you can just salt it, you'll just salt it that’s that simple. You don’t need skill for that, but keep in mind that not all items can be kept from going bad. You know, bananas. Bananas will just go bad. There's nothing you can do about it.

Varl: Except eat them.

Brax: Except eat them.

Varl: Soon enough.

Brax: There will be no skills to increase your movement speed or carrying capacity. The only thing you can do about that is your attributes such as strength and possibly agility. There will be innovations for resource gathering. We’re not going to favor any one particular feature for innovations. Innovations are going to be across the board--any-and-all skills.

Somebody asked if resources can be taken illegally--the answer is yes, absolutely. Nothing’s going to stop somebody from coming up you log pile and taken a couple logs other than the sheer weight of log but it will flag them as attackable without consequence and you can do what you need to do.

Speaking of that somebody asked out how are you guys going to be able to carry large items. Well as far as resource gathering goes it doesn't get much larger than the logs. But suffice it to say that you will be able to carry probably one log. You'll have to probably have a relatively empty inventory to do that though. They are extremely heavy and they take up a lot of inventory space but you can carry every resource gatherable item at this point even if it's one of the time.

Somebody asked about lava. You’re not going to able to do anything with lava, whether it's cooled or not. We’re not going to have a process, TerVarus is not that dynamic where lava will come out and eventually cool. So lava is lava and you won't be able to harvest anything from it and in fact it will harvest you if you get too close to it.

Somebody asked about meteors and other alien metals. The answer is “No”. We’re not going to have any meteors or alien metals. We will have metals that will eventually be innovated. Where they come from, who’s to say?

Lets’ see, someone asked “Gathering, how safe or dangerous is gathering?” That just depends on the situation. If you decide to trek 3 miles outside of your settlement by yourself to harvest a plant in the middle night, I think that qualifies as being pretty dangerous. If you are picking corn in the middle of your settlement that's heavily guarded, I think it's pretty safe. So it's really just based on the situation.

And last but not least somebody asked about the rarity of resources. We’ll have the whole spectrum will have very common to incredibly rare.

I hope this podcast has been informative and we also hope that we’ve really open the eyes of everybody to show their resource gathering isn’t just about click-and-create or click-click-grab

Varl: Gather?

Brax: Yeah click-click-gather. It’s very dynamic just like the rest of the systems.

Loestri: So just one question before we leave. We mentioned during the mining phase there that the land will be deformed with the surface mining, what about erosion?

Brax: No, no, there is no land deformation at this point or terrain deformation. There is no way for you guys to deform the terrain directly.

Loestri: And to answer the question about the different metals and where they come from: Me, I know where they come from.

Brax: Oh yeah? Where’s that?

Loestri: I can’t tell you. It’s vaulted.

Brax: Ahhh, the vault. Alright, on that.

Varl: Get out there and gather!

Brax: Get out there and gather! Alright everybody thanks for your time.

Varl: Good luck out there.

The End