Permission System by: Forged Chaos

What will arena's be used for?

Arenas will not be used for sparring. Our permission system will address sparring between consenting parties. Arenas will be used for combat tournaments and games, both lethal and non-lethal.

Source: Forums (Brax), 19-03-2013

Is a lord limited to whom and when he can transfer a settlement?

A lord can transfer his settlement to anyone he wants at any time. It is his settlement after all.

Source: Forums (Brax), 21-03-2013

When setting permissions on your crops, do you have to set permissions on each individual plant or can you select the whole plot?

Setting permissions on specific items will overwrite permissions set on more broad level. In other words, in your crop example, you can set something like "allow all crops to be picked by X" at the land ownership level. You can then set a specific plant to not be picked by anyone but you. They could of course still pick it but it would be theft.

Source: Forums (Brax), 22-03-2013

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