TerVarus Geography by: Ildefonse

Regions of TerVarus
Cities of TerVarus

The following is an account of the known and lost cities of TerVarus.


Being built around the only large oasis in the desert, in a region known as Deep Oasis, it's no wonder the city of Aylarin thrives in the midst of endless desolation. It's remote location deep in the desert makes it near impossible to siege with any significant results. None-the-less the city proudly protects its citizens with large stone walls and towers. The importing of the vast amounts of stone needed for such construction nearly emptied the treasury's coffers and caused many of its citizens to question their leader. Their speculation quickly turned to gratitude when it was the massive walls that kept the city mostly intact during the raknar invasions.


Most would agree that the sole weakness of Aylarin is its inability to grow enough food. While there is some farm-able soil near the oasis, it is not nearly enough nor is it nutrient rich enough to sustain the large population. This is nothing new to the citizens of Aylarin and they have long since learned to stockpile a great amount of food.


The city of Ironfast is over 150 years old making it the oldest of the four surviving cities. It started as a small mining expedition in the Cloud Break region and steadily grew into the city it is today. It is believed that the Cloud Break region has the highest concentration of iron ore on TerVarus, and as the name implies it doesn't take one long to mine some iron.


With such a rich resource comes a lot of conflict. Ironfast has seen more coup attempts, sieges, and rebellions than any other surviving settlement. It is a miracle that the raknar did not find Ironfast else it would surely not have survived both the internal strife and a mass infestation of the giant beasts.

The major export is iron and stone and import is usually focused on food and wood.



Deep in the forested Tallanore region, surrounded by cliff faces on all but the west side is the city of Talithis. Having only one side to defend turned out to be the city's boon and its bane during the raknar infestation. Nearly all raknar attacks were stopped at the walls with little loss of human life. However, during an attack late in the global infestation, the raknar overtook the wall, leaving the citizens with no place to retreat. The body count was nearly 100%. The majority of the attacking raknar remained in the city and it laid abandoned for months. It wasn't until after the destruction of the mega-hives that a small army was sent to crush the raknar and retake Talithis.

Now nearly rebuilt, the city thrives off its export of wood and food. There is typically a shortage of iron and stone but generous pricing to importers have proven successful.


Vandar is located on the far west side of the jungles in the Tongodor region. The city sits on an elevated plateau backed up against a large impassable mountain to the west. There is only one entrance to the plateau from the east, making the entire city relatively easy to defend. Vandar has seen many battles with the raknar and has suffered greatly because of them, being nearly overtaken time after time. It was only through the tenacity and sacrifice of its citizens that it still stands today. Only very recently, with the raknar mostly exterminated, has Vandar been able to pay for and safely import enough stone to begin the replacing of their wooden walls with the much more durable stone counterparts.


The city exports mostly wood along with components derived from the various jungle plants. Most of the plant components are used for healing and botany research.




Destroyed by a Tsunami around the year 2000. The exact location of this now sunken ruin has been lost to time.

These are the known regions in TerVarus. Information about them is scarce however and possibly unreliable. Nevertheless, they are presented in this book for reference.



Jungle area located near a river with only one main access point, the Murgalmuck Pass. All other passages to and from the region are narrow and densely vegetated.

Nothing known about this region at this time.

Possibly close to the monolith.

Struck by massive flooding in 7761.

Located beyond the northern mountain range, has a lake.

Located by the water.
Easton Prairie

Glacier Peaks

Snowy mountain area.
Pickthorn Woods



Location of the great mining explosion of 7648.
Iruuqu volcano

Last known to have erupted in the year 7717.
Blisterfoot Desert

As the name suggests, a vast desert area.
Sehdegere Steppes


The End