People of TerVarus by: Ildefonse

People of TerVarus

by Ildefonse

Compiled in this book are the deeds and lives of several notable people thoughout the history of TerVarus.

Junaro Magis (~1500)

Many believe Junaro was the first to introduce TerVarus to the arcane arts. She was convicted of murder and sentenced to death by hanging, only to vanish before a large crowd as the rope was placed around her neck. No one knows what became of her afterwards.

Dorian Dunarth (~2000)

Historians know almost nothing about this person, but his name is mentioned numerous times throughout the ages of TerVarus. The oldest reference comes from Camys Du Caes' Plague Diary.

Camys Du Ceas (±2750 - ±2790)

A proficient healer who most likely lived in the area of Kithacore. Her diary, dubbed The Plague Diary, was found in a tomb underneath Kithacore. The diary contains the oldest written date ever found by historians. It also contains the first known reference to religion. The final passage of the diary reads:

"Only through your divine blessings have I held the strength to fight this endless onslaught of evil. May all my work be in your name and to your glory".

There is no reference of who or what she was praying to.

Lord Couralis (±5870 - 5917)

Ruler of the Caern kingdom, the largest known kingdom at the time. Kidnapped from his bed, his head was found the following day with a message of "The Watch" burned into his forehead.

Syraneal (±6320 - ?)

Commander of a large army.

Almet Kithacore (±6330 - ?)

The once lowly ranking guard captain in Syraneal's army was suddenly given ruling rights to an area south of what is currently King's Gate. This was believed to have been done to honor his sacrifices to Syraneal, but to this day nobody knows exactly what those sacrifices were.

Amaria Spellsong (6647 - 6671)

Considered by many in the arcane arts to have been the most gifted mage of all time, Amaria died a martyr at the age of 24.

Lord Ferdn (±7280 - ±7360)

Ruler of the Kingdom of Tanious.

Rala Oroman (±7310 - 7341)

Rala Oroman was a tradesman in the Kingdom of Tanious. He is widely credited with the invention of the catapult. However, when he presented this invention to Tanious' Lord Ferdn, he was executed for treason against the kingdom.

Merr Kavesh (±7410 - ±7460)

A seasoned warrior, and the leader of the Champions of the Shield. Their group, a small band of self-proclaimed knights, was formed in 7443 and it's sole purpose was to protect the weak and vulnerable of TerVarus.

Garnek (±7450 - 7488?)

A renowned merchant who vanished in the year 7488. With his disappearance, he also took his belt with him, which had been rumoured to be an item of great magical power.

Rath Koranth (±7530 - 7589)

A high standing diplomat of the Highgrove region, he was assasinated together with his wife in the year 7589.

Lania Koranth (±7535 - 7589)

Wife of Rath Koranth, assasinated together with her husband.

Salinn Otias (±7800 - ±7900)

Salinn Otias was a mage of great renown, his mastery of the arcane arts only matched by some of the earlier legendary mages. In the year 7871 (at the end of the great Raknar war) he cast a spell that caused the collapse of the caverns under Thornvine, entombing the remaining Raknar and an estimated one thousand humans.

The End