The Monolith by: Ildefonse

The Monolith

by Ildefonse

Drawing by Forged Chaos

Ah, the Monolith, one of the most famous and well known structures in all of TerVarus! Although it is lost to time as to how and why the Monolith was erected, a parchment has been found which many believe contains the earliest reference to the Monolith;

"Only our undying efforts will ensure the great tower continues to stand long after civilization ends."

Scholars estimated that the parchment dates back as far as ~1300, although the exact date has never been determined.

Tablet of Flame

The Tablet of Flame, a stone tablet shaped like a flame with indecipherable markings, was first discovered in the region currently known as Deadfall. It has been placed in the Monolith by historians for safe keeping in the year 5228 and has been named the Tablet of Flame. However, in the year 5365 this tablet was stolen from the Monolith, and has never been found again since.

The End